Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RETURNING: Little People, Big World: Fire on the Farm

This series has only been seen in "specials" over the past three years, but will now run eight episodes in a "seventh season," about the events that took place over the summer, and into pumpkin season. From the start, it appears that there will be some tension (as always) between Matt and Amy, some sibling rivalry now that the Roloff kids are growing up, and big changes around the farm. Add in the potential loss of a beloved family pet, and there's a lot to showcase. I think it was interesting how Matt talks about the "Wedding Farm" idea as if it was a big financial loss without exactly saying so. Amongst the kids, it appears as if Zach will, once again, be the most interesting character to follow. Agree?

Little People, Big World "Playing with Fire" (S07E01): The Roloffs start preparing for the new wedding season, and realize they need more upgrades than their budget will allow. Matt wants to torch the bridal suite building and start over, but Amy doesn't agree with the plan, so he sends her on a long errand so she won't be there. [this was low!] But, she returns before they're done, and there's a huge mess when the firemen leave. [OF COURSE Matt didn't plan for that, haha!]
TLC/Dean Hackman
Matt thinks about doing a recreation from Gone with the Wind, but Amy disapproves of that as well. Still, they do manage to book a wedding six weeks away for Eric and Burgandy. [I have no idea why they bought the Roloff sell on this one! unless they just wanted the small bit of fame of having their wedding seen on TLC?]

All the kids are home for the summer, which leaves Jeremy in the guest room, as Jacob has taken over the twins' old room. [what about Jacob's old room?] Jeremy's chair at the dinner table is taken by Molly, so he's really feeling a bit left out. The kids have various goals for the summer, like Molly wanting to buy a car that she can take back to college and Zach taking school more seriously. Jeremy has a year left of his Bachelor's, and Zach will finish his Associate's at the same time. [yikes! Zach really fell behind there, huh?] Tori has her Bachelor's in education now and works at the farm over the summer. [I hope she's able to find a job teaching!] Zach gets the family to help him on his final project for a literature class.

Rocky isn't doing well, and it turns out that he has a malignant tumor in his pelvic area. He doesn't have much longer to live.
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