Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Trying Again

Relationships are tough. Each of the girls illustrates this as they struggle to navigate their futures. Briana wants to date again, but her mother is more than weary. Alex is burned by a recent date and continues to be hurt by her babydaddy, so she has her own reasons to shy away. Mackenzie is so desperate to make things work with Josh that she'll do anything to help, even if it's not in Gannon's best interest. Katie and Joey are over (at least for the moment), leaving her alone with no way to even support herself and Molli. All of their families are involved in the girls' relationships, with some much more approving than others. The age differences and maturity levels of the girls start to come into play a little more, with younger Briana and Mackenzie wanting to follow their hearts as older Alex and Katie think about things from a more practical perspective. Regardless, each will continue to have to try different things to find a fit that works.

Teen Mom 3 "The Truth Hurts" (S01E11): [no great timing hints this episode.]
Briana: Briana ran into an old HS friend, Jacob, and is thinking about dating him. When her phone rings late at night, her mother thinks the worst, which Brittany validates by saying Jacob has a bad reputation. Briana's mother tries to get Briana to date someone from church, so that "he has values," and then asks Brittany to talk to her sister about Jacob. [Mom has no qualms about Brittany dating Derek, I take it?] Still, when Jacob calls to invite Briana to dinner, she accepts. She tells her mother but doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for. [no surprise!]
Alex: Matt has been in a halfway house for a week, but he's getting kicked out, and Alex doesn't know what to do if he shows up. [but at least she knows to avoid him!] She sees David making plans with another girl online, so she goes out with a friend to a concert and some pizza. She is also almost caught up with cyber school. 

Mackenzie: Her mom and brother leave for a 9-day mission trip, and Mackenzie is worried about caring for Gannon with only her dad around. [we actually don't see much of the care, so not sure if she struggled or not!] Josh says he wants to try a relationship again, and Mackenzie is in, even waking up Gannon at 10pm so they can go out with Josh. [not her smartest move. I think her parents definitely give her too much leeway.]

Katie: Joey delivers a letter that says he's seeing someone else. [what did you expect?] Katie cries to her mother, and believes that she'll be alone her whole life, with only Molli. [you know, because moms can't get boyfriends in her world.] She's no longer comfortable having Joey support them, so she moves in with her dad. When Joey and Katie meet to divide property, she tells him she doesn't want Molli "around sluts," but Joey says that he'll do what he wants, and he wants Molli 50% of the time. Katie calls her mom, who calls the police. [no action is taken, though.] Katie leaves her engagement ring on the table, and life moves on.
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