Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Wanting to be Wanted

Katie is convinced that nobody will ever want her. Mackenzie knows other guys would flock to her, yet she still pines for Josh. Briana is finally thinking about getting back out into the dating world, but wants to be 100% ready first. Alex has so much on her plate that she doesn't really allow herself time to consider being with someone. Each of these ladies is having a tough time feeling loved, and you have to wonder about the loneliness of each, even if they don't want to think about it themselves. Here's hoping that each can find fulfillment and love.

Teen Mom "Don't Lie to Me" (S01E09):
Alex: It's been a few weeks since Matt's overdose, and Alex is focused on an upcoming dance competition. Molli falls out of a chair and onto the hardwood floor while she and her friend dance in the living room, but she's okay. [holy cow.] Alex's mother throws out the dance costumes by accident, and Alex doesn't have $300 to buy more for the team. [how did that happen? I wasn't really sure... black fabric looks like trash or something??] Alex's grandmother tries to get Alex to calm down and be civil to her mother,but it takes some time.
Katie: She turns 19 and is on summer break from school, so she heads to Salt Lake City with Joey and Molli to look at wedding dresses. They continue to argue about money, and she complains to her mom. Katie believes that Joey is her only option... nobody else would want a "fat, stretch-marked b!tch with a baby." [oh, Katie. I know you're young, but tons of single mothers find love.] They do go to look at wedding dresses, and Joey even tries on a tuxedo. She really likes a gown that is $2,318. [dang!] Then, they go indoor skydiving. [I've done that - it's tough! They got to do some cool stuff I didn't get to try in two rounds, LoL.] By the time they're headed home, they're fighting again, and even break up over it, with Joey asking Katie to move out. [few things bother me as much as someone being mean on someone else's birthday!]

Briana: She and Brittany are getting along again, and Briana starts to think about dating. Brittany picks up some condoms in case she becomes sexually active again, but Briana encourages her sister to get on a more reliable form of birth control. Both girls have appointments at a doctor's office, and although Briana has a positive conversation about getting an IUD, Brittany freaks out at the idea of a doctor touching her. She can't stop reliving her abortion. [ooooh. that's rough. I struggle to imagine a negative association with doctors, as I've had very helpful ones, but I bet that's an image that is very difficult to shake.]  

Mackenzie: Her mother wants Josh to get a job during the week if he continues to ride on the weekends, but Mackenzie is bothered even thinking about him. [this could be another great reason to wait to have sex, ladies... if you can't talk to your man about providing for his offspring, you certainly don't need to risk creating some.] Her mother calls Josh's trainer, and learns that he hasn't been going to practice for weeks, and doesn't show much promise to ride professionally. [yikes!] Mackenzie and her mother drive to Josh's because he won't answer the phone. [I love that they prayed before going in.] He lies about what he's been up to, then says he wants time to figure things out between them. Mackenzie decides not to talk to Josh, and says that Josh doesn't realize that she could be desired by someone else.
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