Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Happiness Is Hard to Find

NOTHING besides Arabella makes Alex happy. That's a hard pill to swallow, and a phrase that is not entirely uncommon amongst young mothers. Having had babies so young, they struggle with just about every other aspect of their lives, from finances to friends to dating, and it can be very difficult to find fulfillment when so much of your life is consumed by what you need to do for your child. It personally makes me sad, as I have so many things to look forward to that make me happy each week. It doesn't particularly seem like Briana or Molli have much to look forward to, either, though Mackenzie definitely has her tumbling. Hopefully all of the ladies are at least looking for more things that brighten up their lives.

Teen Mom 3 "Some Days Matter More" (S01E08): It's June for Mackenzie and Briana, and probably May for Alex.

Mackenzie: It's Father's Day, so Mackenzie takes some pictures of Gannon holding signs that added up to "I (heart) My Dad." On the actual holiday, Josh ignores her calls, so she spends it at her grandparents' house, where she confides in her own dad that she doesn't feel loved by Josh. [Josh is so irritating that I could now pretty much not care less about Mackenzie and her story.] Later, she confronts Josh about his issues in front of his friend. [anyone else think that this pair could really benefit from reading The Five Love Languages??]
Briana: Brittany teases Briana about her "sloppy body," but Briana is more concerned about starting her general classes for college. [at least she's moving forward.] Brittany then acts like she knows everything when the family goes shopping for Briana's school supplies. [I thought it was cute that her mom wanted to get encouraging stickers.] Briana even starts to take some driving lessons so that she can get herself places. [probably a good thing, as it's a little weird that they all go EVERYWHERE together!] Their mother is concerned about Briana's first day, so they all go to drop her off, irritating Brittany, who finally announces that, as soon as she has the money, she's going to move out. In the post-episode interview, Briana addresses the fact that it IS unfair for Brittany to spend so much time caring for a child when she specifically did not choose that route for herself. [I'm just going to keep my mouth shut on this one.]

: Matt overdosed on heroin and has to stay in the hospital until his system is cleared and the damage can be assessed. He'll have to go back to rehab, and Alex realizes how sad this will be for Arabella. Alex's mom encourages her daughter to attend Prom, but it's an uphill battle. [can't really blame her, though, as she hadn't seen most of her classmates in a long time.] A no-budget dress wins Alex over, though! [I thought some of the earlier dresses were more flattering, but i guess she preferred the style of that red one.] Alex's boss at the dance studio sets her up with a former dancer, but Alex found him boring and clingy. [well, it's not like he knew anyone else! Also, when you're carrying your shoes BEFORE Prom, that's a bad sign.] Still, she's glad she went.

Katie: She signed up Molli for a swim class, but Joey is late getting home. The mother and daughter walk there instead, but wind up missing the entire class. [did she have no idea how long it would take her to get there?] Joey gets upset that Katie thinks he should sleep rather than fish all day. [at least Molli got to play in the pool a little bit.]
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