Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Teen Dad Problems

The teenage fathers on this show get on my nerves so easily! I understand that we are not getting the full picture of what goes on, but each of the four on this series manage to get under my skin just about every time they come on screen! Josh doesn't communicate with Mackenzie, Joey doesn't care about anyone besides himself, Devoin is a disrespectful, arrogant slimeball, and Matt can't seem to get his life together for any reason whatsoever.

In the half-hour discussion of the episode, Alex explains that she had given up hope on Matt, and now isn't planning on sex until marriage, as she realized "not everyone is doing it." Speaking of people who are, however, Mackenzie removed her IUD on her own and is four months along with a second baby by Josh. Apparently, she believed that the IUD was throwing off her blood sugars, but when the doctors wouldn't remove it for that reason, she took matters into her own hands. Katie, on the other end of the spectrum, not only has an IUD but also demands Joey wear a condom every single time. Oh, and the hostess might have checked her sheet to be sure of Katie's name at one point, which created an awkward pause.

Teen Mom 3 "Into the Distance" (S01E07): School is out for the summer for Mackenzie, and it's final exams for Katie. The past few episodes have only encompassed a small part of Alex's life, and there's no obvious timeline for Briana.  

Katie: Joey gave up smoking, but he's not happy about it. Katie takes her finals and wants to get her degree in social work, but the closest four-year school is in Salt Lake City. She talks to Joey about it and he applies to some mines in Utah, where they could move a year later. [talking makes sense, but applying now??] He's worried about moving without a raise or anything, but also looks forward to her getting a degree because that means he'll be able to quit mining. Joey gets a job offer, but he later says that he'll never move to Utah. [grumpy guy! also, I feel like Molli was too small to be going down that slide alone...]
Briana: She and Britney take Nova to a baby music class, and they're exhausted afterward. [Nova really seemed to be enjoying herself, though!] Briana prepares for court, where Devoin denies his twitter handle, forcing the case to be dismissed due to lack of evidence. [jerk! good way to get out of it, though.]

Mackenzie: Josh has been focusing on rodeo training, but again he brings home no money from a rodeo. Mackenzie starts to think that there's no future for her and Josh, as he barely talks to her during rodeo season, even after she drove an hour to attend the event. [he's really, REALLY starting to annoy me.] She and her friend play with Gannon in a wading pool. 

Alex: It's been two weeks since Matt moved out, and she gets a tattoo on her back with Arabella's footprint, name, and birthdate. [whoa. she passed out during it!] Alex has dinner with her grandparents, who are concerned about the size of her tattoo. [haha. this reminds me of my brother's first tattoo(s)... they were only visible under black light so the grandparents (among others) wouldn't know.] She has 15 school assignments left to finish online. [that's a big improvement from 252!] A week after Matt's last counselor visit, he gets accepted to move into the halfway house, where he could stay for up to two years. He is supposed to move in the following day, but he's five hours late because he was in the hospital for an incommunicable disease. [this whole thing was rather strange. he couldn't call from the hospital? they let him go even if he has to return right away?] He says he won't be able to move in that day because he needs to help his mother move all weekend, but then states that he won't live there if it is required he eat every meal there. [hey, at least he read the paperwork!] Later, one of Matt's friends calls Alex when Matt is rushed to the hospital for a possible overdose. [we already know he doesn't die, though.]
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