Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teen Mom 3: BabyDaddy Issues, More Counseling, Prom

For the teens reading this: ever thought about what Prom would be like if you had a baby? No? Probably not, as it seems a weird thing to ponder. But, Mackenzie found out first-hand how different it makes the experience. And, she might get to do it again, as she was barely a junior when Gannon was born.
An after-show special had the girls (who apparently are all friends) commenting on this episode and then answering a few other questions. Some highlights include Bri agreeing to block Devoin's tweets in the future, and the girls all saying what they would change if they had the ability to do so: Alex would have a new babydaddy, Mackenzie wouldn't have had unprotected sex, Katie would change her age, and Bri would have less pride. An interesting range of responses, as were the reasons they decided to do the show, like Bri mentioning that her story is different because it shows options and Katie wanting to make a difference. Too bad the other girls' responses weren't aired! 

Teen Mom 3 "Pushing the Envelope" (S01E04): No major markers for time of year, other than Mackenzie's Prom likely falling in April or May.

Briana: Devoin wants to take Nova to his house, but he doesn't show up when he is supposed to, making Bri trust him even less. Briana and her mother have the downstairs baby-proofed, even though it's almost $350. [I have no idea how average that cost is, but to a non-parent, it seems a little high.] Bri agrees to ask Devoin to pay for half, but her mother winds up requesting the payment, to which Devoin agrees. He doesn't show a lot of interest in doing anything other than seeing the baby on his own terms, causing the whole family misery. [it's a tough one. his friends think he should be able to come and go as he pleases, but all Briana asks is that he comes when he says he will.]

Alex: Matt spends more time with his friends and talks to another girl online, then lies about it when Alex questions him. [so was she logged into his account? is that how she found out?] Things escalate much more when Matt goes to hang out with a friend when he's supposed to be watching Arabella, so Alex's mother kicks him out. [yikes! in all fairness, though, I totally agree. the kid is pretty much nothing but bad news.]

Katie: Joey agrees to start counseling to make the communication work a little better, and they have their first session. Then, they move to the new apartment

Mackenzie: Prom is around the corner, but Josh doesn't really want to go. [$200 is cheap for a Prom dress??] Everyone asks the couple if they'll be intimate on Prom night (though not in those words), but they stick to their grounds and say "no." [trampolining in Prom attire? whoa. also, what was with the red carpet announcement??] She does her own hair and nails, borrows a dress, and the only cost is her $30 ticket. [good for her making those choices for the good of her son.]
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