Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Swap out the People

This third round of mothers is substantially less interesting than the previous two, which takes some work! While it is somewhat interesting to watch someone not know how to care for a baby, the financial woes and time management struggles have been beaten like a dead horse by now. If Teen Mom 3 is meant for a new audience of viewers, then it could be worth reiterating birth control options post-pregnancy and detailing how much relationships can suffer, but otherwise, is there a point? Same stories, new people. There will inevitably be more wedding planning, drugs, education mishaps, and yelling in the future... anything different this time? 

Teen Mom 3 "Growing Up Fast" (S01E03): No notable timing markers.
Briana: She tells Devoin about filing the paperwork and then canceling it, and he claims to start wanting to be there 24/7 for her and their baby. [but what made him care so much so suddenly?] Her mother suggests that Briana let Devoin care for Nova for an hour alone, but Briana doesn't think he can do it. [random shot of cats having sex. great, MTV.] Bri freaks out in less than thirty minutes, while Devoin tries to care for the baby. When the infant vomits on herself, Devoin calls to find out what to dress her in, and Bri comes to the rescue.
Katie: She shows her friends her engagement ring, but it'll be a lengthy engagement... until she finishes college. [I support that.] They start looking for a new place to live, as a second bedroom would really be nice, and find something they can afford because of a discount from Joey's work at the mine. [For $930/month is expensive for a 2/2 rental in Wyoming??] The upgrade would also include a dishwasher, but when an old friend of Joey's comes calling about an unpaid cell phone bill from years ago, they probably have to skip the move. A heated argument also puts their relationship in danger. [it makes me sad that he only sees Katie as a money-suck.]

Alex: Matt still isn't working, and everything is very intense, so they go in for some counseling. [I believe she's wearing same outfit as when she was walking with her friend.]

Mackenzie: Josh stays over once a week to help out with Gannon, but he stays in a separate room. They talk about birth control options, and Josh thinks that Mackenzie should talk to her mom about it, though she knows her mother won't approve of pre-marital sex. [I don't understand why everyone keeps saying she should tell her mother. if she knows what it will lead to, why not keep it quiet?] She asks her friend for advice, then she texts her mom about it, who continues to promote abstinence. [I just don't get how people use texting as a primary means of communication!] She decides to go to the doctor anyway and get an IUD, as she'll forget to take the pill. [another thing I don't understand, but maybe I'm just more serious about medication than most.] She texts her mom afterward, and she later explains that she's not on birth control so she can have sex, she's on it in case she gives in to temptation, just like last time. [but her initial reason for getting pregnant was that she didn't want to "get fat" on the pill.]
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