Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mistresses: Missing, Suspension, Charity, Independence

April, Karen, and Savi having an impromptu girls' night was interesting, especially with pregnant Savi throwing back lime water rather than tequila. The "hello, my name is ___" premise was funny, but the conversations playing out like "whose life sucks the most" was a bit unrealistic. Who actually listens to multiple people's summaries before getting the details on any of them? It also seems odd that the girls were not more compassionate regarding Karen's situation, as that certainly seems more devastating than they were treating it. Although, it also opens up potential for something interesting to happen, rather than something scandalous, which seems to be on the horizon for April. The next episode is the season finale, and with no news of a renewal, it may be the last of the four ladies.

Mistresses "When One Door Closes" (S01E12):
When Richard isn't available, April turns to Paul for help in locating Lucy. That is, after she is sure that he didn't take her. [if you're without your phone all day, wouldn't you attempt to email someone you're expecting to hear from and let them know?] It seems that Lucy took a bus to the Santa Monica pier and got lost, turning to a police officer for help. [I didn't like that we never got an explanation of why she did that alone.] Paul suggests therapy for Lucy, and April talks to Lucy about it. The preteen complains that April has no time for her anymore. [ouch!] After all this, Paul decides that he wants to stay, even if this means going to jail for fraud. [I don't think I can roll my eyes hard enough on this one!]

A judge reads everything from Karen's deposition and decides there is no case, so it's dismissed. [nice!] But, the state licensing board gets wind of the situation and suspends her for six months for ethics breaches. [that sucks.] Karen suspects Elizabeth, so she calls her, only to find out she wasn't involved... it was her practice partner, Jacob. [I think that sucks more.]
ABC/Richard Foreman
Savi talks to their business manager and learns that the restaurant is in real danger. [how much do you want to bet that the broken framed photo of her and Harry will come back to bite her?] She initially doesn't want to help, but decides to after a date with Dom. That's right, she treats him to a celebratory dinner when he is named partner over her. [I laughed hard at her comment to Karen about Paul: "unlike you I haven't seen him since he's... been alive."] It's not entirely clear, but it seems that Savi wants to help Harry yet date Dom, as she removes her wedding rings. 

Joss tries to make up with Alex, but when Alex won't talk to her, she goes right to Olivier, who wants to promote her to management. [what? out of nowhere?] Then, he announces his immediate return to Paris, so she screwed up everything with Alex for no reason. [I still think Joss deserved it.] She rushes to Harry's restaurant and gets drunk, but when she's nearly raped in the bathroom, Harry saves the day. [this scene seemed very forced.] He stays over to make sure she's okay, and sees the paternity results envelope, so he takes it. [ooooh.] Olivier still makes Joss manager, so she quits. [what else is she qualified to do?] She does close one last property for Alex, though. [I can't even be happy for Joss's good deed, her character is so annoying!]
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