Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Under the Dome: BigJim is Back on Top

If the Dome wasn't in place, BigJim would be in jail. Linda points this out and then continues to listen to anything the criminal has to say, which seems bizarre. If he was able to keep the propane sales under his hat for years, then why would he be honest about everything else in his life? It makes sense that Linda would trust someone she has known for years over someone whom she has known for only a week, but the degree to which BigJim continues to lie is astounding. It's not just Linda, either. Dodee has no qualms about offering up her radio knowledge about Barbie to BigJim, though someone who seems to be as intelligent as she might question WHY Barbie allegedly tried to kill BigJim... if there was a reason, maybe BigJim doesn't need extra information. Another strange Dodee fact is that she doesn't seem to be on the lookout for anything particular this episode... though she doesn't remember finding the mini-Dome, so one might think she would be after it once more.   

Under the Dome "Speak of the Devil" (S01E11): The teens try to figure out the pink stars' constellations, which they've painted onto the barn. [how did they do that? were they able to remove their hands and get up on a ladder while the pink stars remained?] The chrysalis has become clear, and they decide to let Julia in on the latest. While Joe is out to tell Julia, Junior tells Angie that he won't help with the mini-Dome if she won't be with him. [this kid and his father both seem to think that the world revolves around them!] The weather starts to get really bad, and when a funnel cloud forms, Angie convinces Junior to return the group, just as the cloud starts to recede.

HOWEVER, Junior's decision might not have been the impetus for the weather after all. At the same time that was going on, Max shoots Julia to get back at Barbie. [I was amused that Barbie was just about to take Julia to Peter's grave when this happens!] Barbie asks Linda to drive them to the hospital, but her gas has been siphoned. She commandeers Phil's car, but by the time they arrive, Joe had shown up to talk to Julia so Barbie enlists him to help get Julia to the clinic. Once there, for whatever reason, Julia isn't helped because of other patients, so Barbie uses what little field medicine he knows to save her when the weather takes a turn for the better. This causes Joe to think that Barbie must be "the monarch." [really? because I think the signs point more toward Julia...]
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BigJim knows Max shot Julia, but he tries to convince Linda that Barbie probably did, as he was with Peter the day the Dome appeared. He also tells her that Barbie works for Max, and Linda confirms with Phil that Barbie likely killed Peter. [apparently Linda cares about imprisoning Barbie, regardless of whether the Dome is in place...] She then surmises that he probably killed Julia when she found out the truth. More evidence against Barbie comes when Dodee decides to check the frequencies during the storm and learns that Barbie is a wanted man.

But before Linda can do anything, BigJim goes to Barbie to team-up and take down Max. It's become more important to BigJim after Max finds out who Junior is, as she might now hurt him to get to what she wants. [and now Junior knows about the artillery stock in the cellar.] Barbie knows it will take both of them, but he also wants to take BigJim down off his high horse. [one thing at a time.] They head to the cement factory, but Max gets the jump on them. She tells Barbie that BigJim killed her mother (she found her body on the shore), but there will be no way to verify that information soon, as when the guys get the upper hand, BigJim quickly kills Max and her associate against Barbie's wishes. [I actually didn't see that coming for some reason.] He tries to shoot barbie next, but the military mystery man is able to defend himself. Of course, then Linda shows up and BigJim claims Barbie killed those people, along with Max's mother. So, Barbie takes off running with a gun and BigJim issues a warning to all those in the Dome. [pretty impressive how everyone just believes whatever BigJim has to say!] 

But, maybe BigJim as King of Chester's MIll won't last much longer... when the kids decide to mimic the stars and touch a certain part of the Dome together, they see a wounded BigJim on the other side, and bloody knives appear in their hands. [interesting that Junior waffles once again about his feelings toward his father...]
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