Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Awesomes: This Episode Makes the Series Look “H.I.P.P.I.E.R.”

By Christopher Scott

The Awesomes “Baby Got Backstory” (S01E03): Welcome back faithful viewers! Are you ready for another great recap of an episode of The Awesomes? Well, will you settle for mediocre? Now we’re talking!

Episode three, titled “Baby Got Backstory,” begins with the team failing miserably at taking down a giant cockroach. Prock is trying to direct them as best he can, but no one cares what he has to say. Can’t blame them too much, he’s a bit whiny.
After a few minutes of utter failure we find out it was all just a simulation in a holographic room called the H.I.P.P.I.E.R. As Gadget Gal steps out to use the restroom, the real basis of this episode is formed. Shortly after she leaves, the HQ goes into lockdown (though I sorta wish it had been Rockdown like Impulse had suggested). Gadget Gal winds up stuck outside with her nemesis, Tomboy and The Bowling Team, leaving the rest of the team to tell their backstory as to how they gained their superpowers.

It really seems a little early to start telling origin stories to me. I mean, I hardly care about these characters this early in the series. If it had waited until halfway through the season, it might have held more weight and value. Instead it misses the impact it could have had and just becomes a filler. Oh well.

While Gadget Gal does a pretty good job keeping her enemies at bay, the first up to tell his story is Tim. A fairly short story, he was born with his sumo powers and when he’s angry he beats up people. Glad to have THAT out of the way. I was on pins and needles.

Concierge went up next. While at a beauty pageant she saw her calling by watching a news reporter lose her cool under the pressure. She stepped in and the rest was history.  I did like how they likened her organizational skills to reading the code from The Matrix. If nothing else, this episode made me watch that movie shortly afterwards. Classic.

Hotwire sorta followed up, buuut I’m not sure hers counts. There was no flashback or anything. Still seems to me like she is hiding something. Her parents had boring jobs, she got her powers when she was 16, and she thought it would be cool to be a super hero. Yup …. thought it would be cool … so she did it.  Also, I guess Muscleman caught her in a lie that her dad taught math versus teaching social studies, but it was so glazed over that I’m not sure if they meant that to matter.

Impressario was kinda nerdy, but his mom loved him. He found his stone that he uses for conjuring his imagination into real objects and then used it to gain confidence. Not much of a story, but it seems to be a trend. His story is cut short by his mom, who happens to have stumbled into the headquarters at this most inopportune time. She winds up being stuck in the middle of the epic battle being fought by Gadget Gal while Muscleman begins his origin tale.

Muscleman’s story is a double hitter for both himself and for Prock. They were the crime fighting duo, Brains and Brawn! I love their theme song. I’m gonna find that and use it for a ringtone. During their story the evil doer’s “Hat Trick” is robbing an armored car. “Looks like someone earned some time in the penalty box!” (It’s one liners like this that keep me coming back for more.) In the end they win, I guess. Prock winds up hospitalized, but he said they won, sooooo……

Anyway, Prock finally decides to take action and get the team out of their jam. Through another conversation with Impressario’s mom, he finds out that the gem that Impressorio uses for his conjuring doesn’t actually do anything. Impressario has powers, not the gem. And because the room only nullifies the gem, they can now escape and clear their base of bad guys. Although the bad guys seem to have made up with the good guys, so, whatever.

The episode ends with a tease of what’s to come. Next week, Tim’s parents come to return him home. That’s sure to go over well. Until then, let me know how I did with this recap. And, why do you think Tim’s parents suddenly want their son back? Leave your comments below and I’ll see you soon!
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