Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Awesomes: Identity Crisis

by Christopher Scott

The Awesomes "No Mo' Sumo" (S01E04): Welcome back everybody! Yet another episode recap is on the way. Today’s recap is for episode 4, “No Mo’ Sumo.”

Picking up directly from where episode 3 left off, Tim’s parents are trying to take him away from the team. Apparently they are former mercenaries who’ve had their secret identities compromised, and therefore have put their son in danger. They want to take him away and start over once more to keep him safe. ….. wait ….. what?
So Tim’s parents were mercenaries, can kick major butt, and aren’t native Japanese. They worked together as a team codenamed: Dine and Dash. (Cute team name) One of the villain teams they stole from, The IT Department, repeatedly tracks them down during the episode to exact their revenge. (Or fail repeatedly to do so.)

The Awesomes take it upon themselves to try and help Tim’s family to assume new lives. In order to do that they need to find U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A., a secret organization that specializes in changing identities, through a very elaborate series of fetch quests. It’s a typical cartoon plot that’s been done a thousand times. Sadly, there is nothing too fresh here to mention specifically as a stand out funny moment.

In the end, Tim proves himself as capable of handling threats because of his superpower. He fights in an arena for the Invisible Hand of the Floating Glove, against a Cyclops gorilla monster or something. This impresses his parents and sets off the chain of fetch quests culminating in reaching U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A. and Tim’s parents getting their new identities. Tim stays behind to continue with The Awesomes, which is good because I did NOT want them to start looking for another teammate again.

The final scene setting up episode 5 begins with the IT Department tracking down the team once again. Because of a crossing of the streams (Thanks, Ghostbusters) The Awesomes are transported to another dimension or timeline where there is a group of their doppelgangers floating overhead. They don’t really fill us in on any more than that.

Not a lot of “Awesomeness” in this one, guys. What few fights there were are short and uneventful. I am intrigued by the cliffhanger, though. What do you think? Are The Awesomes on another planet, or a different dimension, or an alternate timeline? And what about their alternate personas; heroes or villains? Leave your comments below and I’ll check back on you. Until next time, be awesome! 
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