Thursday, September 5, 2013

Futurama: Together Forever

If ending a series is rough, ending a series for a second time must be excruciating. However, when the final episode turns out to be a nice mixture of comedy and heart-warming happiness, it must have been beyond difficult to design. The final few episodes left no futures for Hermes or Amy, but Bender found a new criminal friend and Zoidberg a girlfriend, so a happy ending for Fry and Leela should have been inevitable. Though living in a world where you are the only living things would seem to be boring and depressing, Fry and Leela turn their isolation into a lifetime of enjoyment. Their creativity to make the most out of what was left on the Earth was impressive, but it was a hard call to agree to forget it all so that things could return to normal. Good for them for letting mankind also experience a chance at the fulfillment they achieved.
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Futurama "Meanwhile" (S07E26) [Series Finale]: Bender, Leela, and Fry land at Luna Park on the moon, where Fry and Leela made their first delivery. [great balloon sculpture of Leela!] They ride a dangerous attraction together, and Bender vomits screws and metal, which clog up the gears and throw Leela flying. She goes through the moondome and is missing, assumed dead, until a stuffed animal is brought back with Leela inside. [I didn't really get how that worked.] This whole incident convinces Fry to propose to Leela, and the Professor inadvertently helps him determine how. Farnsworth has created a device that can go ten seconds into the past, so Fry promptly abuses it to steal diamonds to make Leela an elaborate engagement ring. [haha.] Then, he asks her to meet him at the top of the Vampire State Building at 6:30 if she will marry him, but when he thinks she is late, he decides to end his life, rather than use the time device to make the moment last forever. [awww.]

He sees her on the way down and realizes that his watch was wrong because he had already abused the time device so much. [ouch! if he lost 32 minutes at 10 seconds a pop, he used it 192 times!] He presses the button, but because it cannot ever got back more than ten seconds, he's stuck in an infinite loop of falling. The Professor figures this out and gets the gang to help him get to Fry in time by moving the Time Protector closer to the Vampire State Building. [big shout-out to Bender who decided that it was better to rat someone out than help someone.] Unfortunately, Fry has been doing it for so long that he begins to fall asleep with each fall and loses control of the device, resulting in him splatting on the ground. Leela picks up the controller and starts to save Fry over and over, but obliterates the Professor in the process, as pressing the button less than ten seconds from when someone gets out of the Time Protector makes them disappear, as there is nowhere to send them back to. [wow, that's weird.] But when Fry lands safely (thanks to the gang working together), he busts the button and freezes the universe. [I somehow don't believe that would have happened.] Fry brings up the marriage proposal again, and Leela accepts. They set up a wedding and set off on a very long honeymoon, fashioning whatever they want out of anything and everything around. [God forbid they ever need any help with medical problems or food or anything!] They grow old together, and after seeing everything on their bucket lists, they return to the top of the Vampire State Building, where Fry talks about how he really did make one moment last forever. [that was kinda cute.]

The Professor has been bouncing around for decades, looking for the time button. He finally gets to Fry and Leela, and it takes the Professor only moments to fix it. [Fry has been carrying the remains all this time??] The world goes back to when time stopped, with Fry and Leela having the time to relive their lives once more. [that was really kind of sweet. but strange that Leela never felt lonely in all that time. and amusing that they never reproduced or anything.]
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