Thursday, September 5, 2013

Melissa & Joey: Joe Admits the Truth
The love potion from Nonna apparently worked, as Joe was more than shocked that he and Mel woke up after an apparent night of passion. Though neither remembers actually being intimate, they assume they were, and hope to keep it a secret. Unfortunately (and inevitably), this doesn't happen, which forces the future of their relationship into question quicker than the roadrunner eludes the coyote. The rest of the season will not air until 2014, so viewers have several months to predict how the family will come out of this one. One big possibility would be Joe moving out of the house, possibly just coming by during the day to homeschool Ryder. Another answer could be Mel admitting that she has feelings for Joe and they start a relationship, which would be filled with antics and amusement. But many possibilities in between exist as well, so the return of the comedy next year will definitely be highly anticipated!

Melissa & Joey "What Happens in Jersey... Part 2" (S03E15) [mid-season finale]: Nonna reads her will to the family, leaving Joe her house, which Teresa has been living in for six years. But Teresa is beside the point, as in order to "earn" it, the couple must promise to stay together forever. [I thought it was funny that Teresa was about to expose the truth until Joe said that she could have the house anyway.] Mel Tiffany has no problem agreeing to that, but Joe feels that they should be more honest, especially after his grandmother passes away moments later. ["fighting! that's Italian for love!" haha] Mel thinks that it would be nothing but trouble if they stayed together, then takes a cab to the airport. Joe's mother convinces him to go after her, so he jumps in the car with Lennox and Ryder... and the rat Ryder was supposed to kill. [yep, it was an actual rat, not a shady fellow!] Both teens are in on the situation, as Lennox saw Joe in bed with Mel (so did Joe's mother for that matter), so after some pestering, Joe that he wants to be with Mel. [I'm still not sure why, as she's a bit crazy, but still.]

But, before they get home, Austin shows up at Mel's with a bouquet of flowers, asking for another chance. He is ready to reverse his vasectomy to make a family with her. So, Joe is left speechless when he walks into the house and sees Austin there. [yeah, I would be, too!]

Oh, and Lennox and Marco thing ends after she learns he only wants to make another girl jealous. [teenagers!]
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