Thursday, July 11, 2013

Melissa & Joey: Mel Wants Kids

For whatever reason, certain episode titles stick in your memory. So, seeing this installment called "The Unkindest Cut" brought back memories of Frasier's episode, "The Unkindest Cut of All." The latter was referring to the neutering of Eddie, Marty Crane's pooch, but certainly correlated with Austin's vasectomy in Melissa & Joey. Vasectomies aren't absent from television (Home Improvement, Reba, and Everybody Loves Raymond are just a few family comedies with episodes addressing the procedure and its effects), but they're also not a topic that appears on every series. For some viewers, the episode just further proved that Mel and Joe belong together, though it's more likely that Mel will just begin being pickier with her men, as she realizes her biological clock is ticking.

Melissa & Joey "The Unkindest Cut" (S03E07): Austin gets the "go ahead" from his injury, so he and Mel plan an intimate outing, leading Austin to announce that he had a vasectomy when he was 25. [I love that she was insistent on birth control, even though she kinda wants his babies.] Mel is turned off and starts looking into reversal procedures, but Austin makes it clear that he doesn't want children, preferring to spoil just a partner. [I have no problem with that attitude, but it's definitely something the couple needs to agree on!] At first she thinks that she can live without having children, but then she realizes that kids are a dealbreaker for her (courtesy of Joe nannying for a neighbor's baby), ending the relationship.
Joe is seeing a girl named Chardonnay, which Mel sees as all physical. Joe tries to learn more about the woman, but she wants to keep it shallow.

Lennox is struggling to finish her college admissions essays so she asks Ryder to reprimand her so she'll finish. [I liked her laptop cover for a second, but then it got annoying.] Mel doesn't like Lennox's work and makes her do it over, and in the end Mel gets sentimental about Lennox's thoughts. [I don't know if I've ever seen the word "pulchritudinous" before...]
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