Friday, June 28, 2013

Melissa & Joey: Austin's the New Guy

Mel and Joe's secret little, unadmitted crushes on one another are getting weird. It's been 40-50 episodes now, so still potentially a little soon for the writers to actually get them together, but I have a feeling it's coming. Why else would the "subtle hints" have given way to outward displays of caring here and there? For a second there, I was kinda convinced that Joe was going to tell Mel the truth! That certainly would have upped the drama, though perhaps that would have been preferable to Ryder sucking up the plotline with his ridiculous "dress code" problems and friend woes. On that note, I don't really understand how Ryder is going to go on a date when he's seemingly grounded from doing anything...I hope that we're back to Mel & Austin's weekend getaway plans next week!
Melissa & Joey "Oh Brother" (S03E05): Mel's childhood neighbor, Austin, moves back to town, and Joe immediately thinks that the guy wants in Mel's pants. [not completely unbelievable.] Mel admits that she wants it to be more than a friendship, but Joe starts to think that the two may be half-siblings, based on old photos. [a little extreme, but not unheard of.] Joe tries to convince Mel that she needs to be sure before doing anything intimate, and she promptly tries to get some of Austin's DNA. [I loved that she cut his hair before knowing that it needed to be pulled from the root!] She winds up having to tell Austin, and he's completely on-board with checking his paternity. When the test comes back negative, they get right to making out.

Meanwhile, Lennox gets a condom company to put ads on her blog, earning a handsome payment. [nice!] But, Ryder uncovers poor business practices with the company, causing Lennox to be upset about her "blood money," so-to-speak, which she used to buy a new phone. Mel solves the problem by swapping devices with her. [ha.]

Melissa & Joey "The Truth Hurts" (S03E06): Ryder is worried that his friends have forgotten about him, so Joe arranges for another homeschooler, Leland, to take government with Ryder. [a decent idea.] But, the kid is really into things like Klingon and computer games, annoying Ryder. Lennox suggests that Ryder can't stand the geek because he resents his own geeky side. [oooh! nail on the head!] Ryder tries to be nice, but soon offends the guy, causing his older sister, Kira, to come by and yell at Ryder. The anger doesn't last long, however, and the two wind up with semi-firm date plans to go bowling. 

While Ryder's having his crisis, Mel tries to get Joe to hang out with Austin, and the two get overly competitive in a game of pool. In fact, Joe accidentally injures Austin, causing Lennox begins to suspect that Joe subconsciously has feelings for Mel. [so Lennox is going to be in on this now? how long before she's stuck in the middle??] He winds up admitting to Mel that he's jealous of her relationship, as he's alone. [and she buys it, hook, line, and sinker.]
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