Friday, June 28, 2013

RETURNING: Futurama: It's Getting Better

After all of the fanfare surrounding the announcement that this will be the final set of episodes for the cartoon, actually watching them seems a bit lackluster. Not as bad as the final few from the previous batch, but not awesome. Still, there were some highlights, like the Professor's leather labcoat and Bender managing to keep the rest of the group from finding out that Fry was stuck on another planet. I especially enjoyed Fry trying to use the answering machine message like Kevin McAllister used his TalkBoy in Home Alone! And there were some thought-provoking commentary as well, like the interesting twist on what we think of caged animals. Nothing groundbreaking, of course, but different nonetheless. And, everything managed to work its way back to "status quo" by the end of the story, so nothing to really carry over, except for the fact that Leela and Fry are still together.

Futurama "2-D Blacktop" (S07E14): The group is to deliver a chandelier, but the Professor upgraded the ship and wrecks it. [Bessie??] It's hauled away for scrap, so Leela buys a safer ship, though the Professor takes it personally and heads to the dump to fix the ship. [Speed Racer joke!] He drives like a geezer until a couple of spaceships tease him, at which point he challenges them to a street race. The police start following them but the Professor pulls a dimensional drift and then joins the "crew" of the others. [yeah, it's rough not knowing someone else's vernacular, LoL.]

Meanwhile, Leela's safe ship has no windows and is slow, though it does make the deliveries automatically. [less exciting vs. less work... hmmm...] Leela and the Professor race, but wind up crashing and their vehicles meld into 2D. [don't ask. I don't know.] After a failed attempt at life there, they take off in the Professor's ship and use the dimensional drift to get back just before the dump would have melted the materials. [ha! timing is everything!] While they were unavailable, Hermes, Zoidberg, and Amy hired the other racing crew to drive for them.

Futurama "Fry and Leela's Big Fling" (S07E15): Fry makes Leela dinner, then they take a walk in Central Park where Bender tries to mug them with a carrot. They wind up stealing his goods and then go eat, but with Zoidberg as their busboy, the romance is killed. Similarly, Nibbler ruins the mood back at Leela's. So, they bite when there's an ad for a week-long getaway at an uber-private resort. [the pineapple ring was weird. the auto-hands got annoying at the dinner.] They are skinny dipping when Leela's old boyfriend, Sean, shows up, because he had used the resort the week before and hadn't left yet. [yeah, I definitely got suspicious at this point!] The old couple catches up, much to the dismay of Fry, though it's not too long before they leave.

Back at Planet Express, the gang is delivering cars to Simian 7, Planet of the Primates. [haha, they just want to make the tires into seats!] Amy knows one of the primates from college, and he shows her, Bender, and Zoidberg around the city, including the zoo. [interesting joke about pulling up a forgotten character.] Turns out, the humans in the zoo are Fry and Leela! The trio try to free them, but they're told about the human behavior experiments taking place. [I liked that you could buy "Fry wigs." that's some fast merchandising!] Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg wind up being eaten by a moonworm, but they're expelled a week later, just in time for Bender to announce that the neckers were in a zoo!

Futurama "T.: The Terrestrial" (S07E16): Lrrr helps his son, Jrrr, earn a merit badge, but the youngster wants to do "skull arranging," instead of "planetary invasion," so they head for the White House lawn and get Nixon's head to sign a surrender. Jrrr then blows up Nixon's body holder, so Nixon puts an embargo on everything, including "cultural exports" like TV. [ouch!]

The Professor needs arthritis medication, and the active ingredient is found only on the Omicronian planet with the embargo, so the group paints the ship to get through the blockade. They pick some herbs, which light up near Bender's magnetic field. [but it wasn't explained why that happened...] Bender lies about Fry's whereabouts and the team leaves without him. [I hate Bender.] Jrrr finds Fry, who quickly becomes homesick. Jrrr treats him as a pet, and they even work on his "emergency communication" badge, but when Lrrr finds out, he wants his son to kill Fry. The boy can't bring himself to do it, though, and Bender shows up to rescue Fry soon after so it all works out. [weird glowing butts.] 
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