Monday, July 1, 2013

Falling Skies: Tom and Pope Return, But Not Glass & Alexis

Matt is worried about his mortality. And, given the situation, he has every right to be. But it's a little disturbing that a ten-year-old (I'm guessing the aging process on this show) is terrified of dying alone... I don't think many twenty-year-olds think about that. Yes, he lost his mother, and for a long time his brother, but what does it say about the mood of Charleston when prepubescent kids believe that there isn't much to live for? I'm sure he's not the only one, but as he initially needed some therapy to get past everything that was taking place, so maybe he should continue to work on some issues... Of course, without Glass there, I'm not sure how that would work. And I'm also a little disappointed that Hal's "evil side" didn't really come out this episode... I need consistency, don't you?

Falling Skies "Search and Recover" (S03E05): Tom and Pope are alive after their plane crashes, but nobody else is that lucky. [hmmmm.] Pope is upset that Tom went on the mission while there was a mole in Charleston, as it caused him to lose his plane. [yeah, you can definitely argue for internal affairs in a time like that!] The men have issues trusting one another, but they have to work together when they're surrounded by aliens. Tom soon injures his ankle and is unable to walk, but Pope finds a truck and helps Tom out of there. [but I guess they weren't all that far from Charleston? Did they have a compass or something??]
James Dittiger
Ben tells Hal that Glass and Alexis are missing, and then Kadar reports Alexis's alien DNA to Weaver, Marina, and others. Weaver thinks 50-100 people should be sent to seek out the missing persons, but Marina doesn't think the manpower should be spent that way. [ooooh. rough. but, if Tom wasn't the President, 100 people wouldn't be put on the detail, so it's not a bad thing, per se.] Still, a group goes searching, but all they find is a random woman's body. Back on Kadar for a second, Lourdes has him test the seven other babies born in the past six months, but their DNA all comes back as expected. And, Marina has Kadar work on a private project which requires a great deal of power. [I thought that was a strange storyline.]
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