Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Friday: Voice Collage

Cartoon voices tend to be memorable.Maybe you can't re-create them yourself, but take a second and see how many of these you can hear in your head:
When I was in first grade, there was a kid in my class who did a great Dale (Rescue Rangers was big at the time). By the time I was in third grade, I realized I could do exactly one convincing voice... and it's not a specific character, it's what a frog might sound like if he spoke. It wasn't until my third year of college that I added a T-Rex to my repertoire, which was a hit at parties. Unfortunately, I actually don't remember how to do that one anymore, and I think that's why voice actors are so great... they not only have great control over their voices, but they remember what to do to sound like certain characters. There are actors who specifically do voices and (almost) nothing else (like Tress MacNeille, Kath Soucie, Billy West, and Nancy Cartwright), actors who do both on-screen work and voices (like Patrick Warburton, Vin Diesel, James Avery, Jaleel White, Ashley Johnson, Cree Summer, Howie Mandel, and Joey Lawrence). Obviously, both lists are quite long. And, those are only folks who do them officially... many comedians who do excellent impressions as well.

That takes us to this video, in which Brock Baker does 31 South Park voices in two minutes.

And, these aren't the only ones he can do. Check out his other videos on YouTube for more of his voice collages from shows like Futurama and SpongeBob SquarePants. He's one talented guy, that's for sure!
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