Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mistresses: Attempted Murder, Break-Ups, and an Accident

I've had some bad birthdays in the past, but nothing comes close to being in a major car wreck! Poor Savi. Unfortunately, we may never find out if Savi comes out of it and if Karen lives, as Mistresses has not yet been granted a second season or been given a firm cancellation. There has been a lot of change for the four ladies throughout the premiere season, from Joss experimenting with lesbianism to April experiencing the return of her "dead" husband to Karen's entire life being tumbled around after sleeping with a patient and possibly helping him die peacefully. When you look at all of that, Savi and Harry suffering fertility issues and her sleeping with a colleague seem about par for the course. It has been a tumultuous thirteen episodes, and I honestly don't know if I could handle any more of the extreme drama. The issues are more stressful than anything else and there isn't really anything (or anyone) to root for!
Mistresses "I Choose You" (S01E13) [Season Finale]: 
April goes by Richard's and sees the house packed up. Turns out, it was only being painted, but she overreacted and realizes that her feelings for him weren't as strong as she thought. [gotta love when one action makes you re-think something big!] Paul comes to comfort her when she's upset over Savi (we'll get there!), but Miranda keeps calling. When Paul ignores Miranda's call, she calls April, who finally tells Paul to return to Miranda. [I guess she thinks that Miranda just needs him more than she does?]

Karen talks to a therapist to talk about Tom and everything that happened, and she learns that Elizabeth was institutionalized for quite a long time. [didn't see that coming!] Sam tells his mother than he slept with Karen, so Elizabeth goes to see Karen, and it's not long before she pulls a gun on the psychiatrist. [yikes!] Sam notices that the gun is missing from the safe, so he heads to Karen's, shortly after she unsuccessfully to call 911. [she should have turns the volume on super-low!] Elizabeth is upset that Tom's last words were asking for Karen, then admits to killing Tom. Sam wrestles away the gun, and though the audience can't see, it may be assumed that Sam shot Elizabeth. [you can hear Karen tell Sam to stop, and if he was pointing the gun at Karen, you'd think he wouldn't have stopped his mother from doing the same.]

Savi receives a bright birthday bouquet without a sender's name. [she's starting to show!] The girls plan to go to a spa for the weekend, and she leaves with Joss a day before the others. Before they leave, however, Harry calls her and asks her to handle her own medical bills, but he'll take care of paying everything else. [can't we assume a lawyer at a major firm has decent health insurance? $600 for an ultrasound seems steep for Savi.] After only a few hours in Palm Springs, Savi sees a family with a small child and decides that she has to go home to get the paternity results. [I actually found this completely believable.] Joss, who has been frantically trying to reach Harry since he stole the envelope, talks her sister out of going until the next day. But, she eventually has to tell Savi that Harry has the results, and when Savi agrees to return to the spa weekend, her car is hit when she pulls back onto the freeway. [that seems a bit odd, no? It seemed like she looked before pulling out...] April, Joss, and Harry gather at the hospital, and Harry tells Joss she should call Dom, as he's the father. [awww. I didn't want that to be true. and, Savi's "beaten-up makeup" in the hospital looked great!] When Harry comes in and tells Savi he's not the father after all, he also says that he still wants her. [awww.] Dom is next to see Savi, and he professes his love. She learns that the flowers were from her mother, who is on the next flight to LA. Savi crashes as the episode ends.
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