Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Under the Dome: Corruption is Higher than Ever

I had forgotten that Angie was a candy-striper... why hasn't she been at the clinic all week? I guess she doesn't really care about helping people, and probably even less so after being held hostage for a few days, but still. Speaking of being held against your will, nobody questioning BigJim's actions or directions regarding Norrie and Joe was upsetting. The brainwash in Chester's Mill really is ridiculous, and it seems as if anyone can now go to jail for anything. Welcome to 1984 and Big Brother, guys.
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Also, I've had more than my fill of this show. We'll finish out the finale next week, but no more Under the Dome coming from us next season.

Under the Dome "Exigent Circumstances" (S01E12): BigJim declares a state of emergency, and groups perform house sweeps to look for felon Barbie. Linda initially objects, but people want to survive and it isn't long until volunteers are taking matters into their own hands. Junior, meanwhile, is left at the hospital to guard Julia's door. [I really need him to stop believing his dad!]

Dodee hears on the radio that the military is searching for the egg, and her memory rushes back about seeing it in Joe's barn. She thinks that it is necessary to alert BigJim, but when they both hear the military personnel talking about seeing BigJim kill the reverend, she realizes that BigJim is no savior after all. [I can't stop repeating how sick I am of everyone looking up to BigJim!] He tells her that the Dome can't come down, then he shoots her and knocks out the transmitter devices so nobody else can put together his crimes. [this guy is disturbed.] He then lights the place on fire and Phil suspects Barbie, as they've been broadcasting information about him night and day.

Speaking of the mini-Dome and egg, Carolyn learns about them when she walks into the barn. Worried about what BigJim will do, she urges the kids to hide it, so they take it to Ben's, as his place was searched earlier. [how would the kids know the order in which the town would be searched?] When BigJim shows up to search the barn, as per Dodee's tip, Carolyn tries to stop BigJim from illegally searching the barn, but it's no use. He claims "exigent circumstances" and Norrie and Joe are arrested for "obstruction of justice" for playing dumb about the egg. [seriously??]

Barbie goes to Angie and asks her to help save Julia. Angie gets into Junior's head so he will leave Julia's room for a minute. ["I need you" is probably a phrase that would snag most people, really.] Barbie winds up sending Julia and Angie in the ambulance while he stalls Linda by allowing himself to get arrested. [I questioned why he let this happen... to avoid being shot?] BigJim wants him to publicly confess to the charges or Norrie and Joe will be charged for various crimes. The soldier agrees, as long as BigJim lets the kids go and leaves Angie and Julia alone... but when the time comes, Barbie doesn't plead guilty after all. [ha!] Meanwhile, Julia awakens in a clinic storage room, and tells Angie the truth.

The episode ends with the mini-Dome making a lot of noise, the egg lighting up, and Linda learning about its presence.
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