Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Bye, Bye, Babydaddies

With the season is well underway, the girls have all had a variety of problems, though all have had issues with their babydaddies. Joey and Matt have more in common than originally thought, with tendencies to turn to drugs over their families. Briana has decided that she doesn't need her babydaddy anymore, following in her mother's footsteps, which will almost certainly get her life off to a slower start. Mackenzie, much younger than the others, still has enough family and babydaddy support to continue living her life pretty close to that of an average teenager. However, without that support, she would be screwed, as she has no way of making money on her own, and babydaddy Josh doesn't seem to be very interested in doing so, either. In the analysis clip afterward, it was cute of the girls to say nice things about one another, as it really showed their close relationships. Alex's white lacy blouse was weird, though.
Teen Mom 3 "To Be Judged" (S01E06): Molli is 10 months old (born Aug 18, so it's mid-June for them), Arabella is 8 months old (born July 18th, so it's mid-March for them), and Nova is 7 months old (born September 10th, so it's mid-April for them).

Katie: After receiving multiple overdraft notices, Katie worries that Joey is spending their money on weed. He admits to being a "pothead," but claims he is not addicted. [I'll never understand these folks who don't understand how selfless you must be to parent well!] They have another appointment with their counselor, and they have to bring along Molli when the sitter doesn't come in time. Joey agrees to give up marijuana for the good of the family.

Mackenzie: She brings Gannon to tumbling practice because she can't get anyone to watch him. [I'm curious as to whether her family still pays all of her tumbling/practice fees...] She counts on Josh to win money at the rodeo, but he gets a lecture from his father first, and then winds up getting disqualified before he could win anything. To top that off, her family gets lost on the way to the event and miss seeing Josh ride. [I suppose it is possible that NONE of them mapped it in advance, but nobody has a phone they could use, even if to just call someone else for directions??] She asks him to consider getting a side job, but nothing has come of that yet.

Alex: Matt made a huge mess in the basement before he left, and Alex thinks he should come back to clean it. He eventually comes over but only takes some of his stuff, not everything. [why? I guess he simply didn't want to have to take out his own trash?] Alex thinks that supervised visitation is the only option, as Matt cannot be trusted. This theory is strengthened when Matt tests positive for drugs, and is referred to a transitional home to give him a place to live, as his mother is moving. [Alex just might need to take a note from Briana...]

: Devoin comes over for ten minutes to see Nova, but says very little. She decides to ask Devoin to step off and stay away, and when she breaks the news, things are pretty civil until Briana's mother eavesdrops and freaks out, causing a huge scene and throwing out Devoin. [I couldn't believe she threw a vase at him!] They have the police serve Devoin an injunction for no contact, and he responds by tweeting out that he is a free man now. [how sad!]

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