Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NEW SHOW: The Goldbergs: Life Lessons and Driving

The opening made me smile as I reminisced about some great 80s references. The rest of the episode, however, had me spending more time grimacing than giggling. The characters seem real enough, if a little over-the-top 80s, but they just were not very interesting. However, one installment of a series is not enough to truly judge characters, so hopefully their interests will become more intriguing in the near future. The clips at the end comparing the characters to the true Goldbergs was amusing, though. Unfortunately, this was over-balanced by the annoying captions that explained what Murray really meant as he yelled at his family... I could certainly do without that!

The Goldbergs "Circle of Driving" (S01E01): It's September 3rd, and it's obvious right away that the Goldbergs are a family that argues a lot. [I guess school is just about to start for the year?] The economic status of the family is immediately questioned when Adam has to wear his sister's old jeans, and it's Grandpa who presents Barry with an old Cadillac for his birthday. [a locket?? seriously?!?] Beverly claims that Barry is not ready to drive yet, but Grandpa is convinced that he can sway Beverly... right up until he has a major accident and has to admit that he may not be able to handle driving anymore. [ugh. we had this episode on The Wonder Years, but the youngest got the car, rather than the older sister.]

Even if Grandpa can't take Adam to the diner anymore to impart wisdom (under the guise of water aerobics), he still wants to teach his grandson about life, and that just means they trade flirting with Zoe at the diner for a new girl at Hooters. [Beverly mortified ME when she showed up at the diner and ruined Adam's Alan's chances with Zoe! that was unreal!]

There's still hope that Murray will give Barry the right to drive, but when they're out on a lesson, they get into a fight so big that neither refuses to budge and the car has to be towed! [okay, now this really HAS to be fake, right??]
ABC/Eric McCandless
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