Wednesday, September 25, 2013

19 Kids and Counting: Moving In & Moving On

Those who know me personally are probably well aware that I have moved quite a bit in my adult life, and have lived in five cities in three states since graduating from college. I don't have a problem saying goodbye to people and moving on to the newest phase of life, and sometimes struggle to understand why it bothers people to do so. For someone like Josh Duggar, though, I see where it's not simple. He has lived outside of his parents' home for five years or so, but tearing oneself away from eighteen siblings rather than one or two has got to be much more difficult. I have been on the fence about Josh and Anna's decision to move to our nation's capital, but at least they will have each other and their own offspring. Plus, I think we all know that plenty of visits will be taking place before long!
19 Kids and Counting "An Emotional Goodbye" (S07E13): The Duggars have brought along several members of the Bates family to help with the unpacking. [because 20 sets of hands just isn't enough??] JimBob and Josh struggle to move things into Josh's house, and the front door being on the second floor makes things a little complicated as well. [haha, I can relate to that one a little. If it wasn't for the garage door, there would be no way to enter my home from the side that faces the street, and moving things into a door would require a lot of angling because of the fence!] Some of the girls got a bunch of house decorations together for Josh and Anna, like framed photos and vases of flowers, and stay up overnight to decorate. [I've never seen a place look so complete 24 hours later!]

Before the family leaves and Josh has his first day on the job, they spend Anna's 25th birthday at the National Mall, ten miles away. [but why ride the carousel when they are all so prone to motion sickness?? also, has it been confirmed whether Josh's children also suffer the same condition?] 

19 Kids and Counting "Farm Fresh Duggars" (S0714): Michelle talks about dreams of more babies, and says she hopes to have more again. [who has positive things to say about this? anyone?] They're also praying about adopting, so there are multiple options on the table. [I can get on board with this idea slightly more, but still not very much.]

Jason's garden has been overtaken with weeds, so the family works on it together, inspiring JimBob to do more with their 20 acres. [barefoot preschoolers with weed whackers scare me!] He wonders if raising their own livestock would be a good idea, though Michelle is skeptical. [me, too.] JimBob sets up a farm experience day for the family at Youngblood Grassfed Farm, where they feed pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens, collect eggs, milk cows, and even examine a pregnant heifer. [the early hours were probably a downer for 90% of the family... and the inappropriate footwear grossed me out!] Everything really makes JimBob re-think running a arm, especially having to get his arm up inside an animal! [loud pigs! the dogs play with the sheep! I never thought about cows expressing colostrum like humans.] Plus, they also helped at a meat shoppe - making salad, vegetables, and pies, working the register, filling orders, wrapping meat, and butchering a cow. [that last one was a bit intense!] Not all of the family members were opposed to living a farm life, though, so who knows!
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