Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dads: Acting Immaturely

I got that "Noble Eskimo" song stuck in my head for a few minutes, so the show can't be all bad. And, when Martin accidentally ate Niles's pot brownie on Frasier, the episode was hilarious, so maybe I was expecting something similar. Instead, Dads took the drugging to an annoying level, definitely making me question what future merit the comedy might have. This just might be the first show I cut for the season, if it doesn't turn around quickly. I still hold fast to the idea that there is potential in the premise and the actors could do great things, but the writing just might not link the two together as well as I had hoped.
Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Dads "Heckuva Job, Brownie" (S01E02): The guys begin to worry that they have no good ideas for the company right now, and Warner and Veronica wind up having a mini-intervention to get Eli on weed again, to spark ideas. [weird see-through top on Veronica.] He brings home a pot brownie, but decides to give it to David, to make him more tolerable. [a jack on the counter in the kitchen?] Warner decides to drug his father, too, and after a few days, Camilla catches on, angry that he brought drugs into their home, where they have kids. [they have kids?? guess they won't be a major part of the series!] 

Both men apparently knew they were getting stoned, and though the sons say that they're cut off, the fathers propose a pot-off. Warner fights it, but eventually gives in, with the rules stating that you cannot jump out a window, close your eyes for more than a minute, or vomit. [so glad I was never a drug kid. this sounds ridiculous.] They pass a brownie around, each taking a bite at a time. Warner gets drowsy quickly, then builds a fort and hides in the fridge. [I'm no expert, but isn't behavior like that generally associated with synthetic drugs?] In the end, Warner isn't allowed to see Eli over lunch, as his wife has really shortened the leash.

Crawford's Idea of the Week: cornering the market on penguin meat. [this reminds me of the time my husband pitched making camel milk into a nationwide thing. no, seriously, he made it to a national pitch competition back in grad school with this idea!]
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