Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NEW SHOW: We Are Men: Meet those Men!

I loved Tony Shaloub in Monk. I thought he was great in Wings. In We Are Men, however, notsomuch. To his credit, he is probably doing a great job, but the character just doesn't seem to be a great fit. Kal Penn also didn't thrill me, and I couldn't care less for the other two guys, so maybe this series isn't going to be a hit for me after all. A divorce or a separation is one thing, but four six divorces, a separation, and a left-at-the-altar between four men doesn't exactly draw me in quite as much. The pilot was so expository, however, that the regular episodes are bound to be different enough to need to see a few to get a good feel for the series. Thoughts?

We Are Men "Pilot" (S01E01): An old boyfriend busts up Carter's wedding to profess his love for a bride. Carter is in denial that it's over, but his whole life changes when he moves and has to find a new job, having previously worked for his would-be father-in-law marketing industrial paint. He wants to coach basketball, and it just so happens that one of his three new friends has an "in" with a junior varsity team at a high school. [he played for UCSD... maybe if I was a basketball fan this would impress me.] Of course, Carter blows off an interview when he has the chance to get back with his fiance, who is controlling. The guys come together and bust up the second wedding (which was only maybe two months after the first one!), helping Carter realize that he shouldn't throw away his life.
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Now, let's talk about those friends, who all live in the same complex "four exits from Hollywood." From left in the above picture...First, there's Stuart, who has two divorces in his past, as well as at least one STI. [and is still battling the division of property, LoL.] Then there's Gil, a small business owner, who has been separated from his wife for over a year. He was caught in the world's worst affair, but still thinks there's a chance he will reunite with his wife and daughter. [haha on the "dinner" joke after his daughter noted her friend's mother's chest size.] And there's Frank, a clothing manufacturer, who grew apart from his wife after 16 years of marriage. He's now divorced from her, and three other women for that matter. [holy cow!] He has at least one adult daughter, Abby.

Together, the four guys don't make the best decisions, and find themselves doing strange things like breaking into a Catholic school to play basketball, only to wind up paying off a nun. [their complex doesn't have a basketball court amongst those other amenities? or they just wanted a change in scenery?] They also try to be wingmen for one another, but it doesn't always work out the way one might expect. For instance, Frank draws a mother/daughter pair for himself and Carter but takes the daughter. [WEIRD.]
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