Wednesday, October 2, 2013

19 Kids and Counting: Mistakes

Anybody who has watched a toilet-training toddler for any length of time has probably witnessed an "accident." It's no big deal, as children struggle to figure out when "it's time." JimBob, despite having 18 older children, makes a big deal out of Josie making a mess in her pants, and almost seems not to know what to do. Fortunately there are several older girls right there to help out, but JimBob showing the cameras the situation was gross and uncalled for. I can't even think of a good reason that the crew would keep that in rather than edit it out, unless there's REALLY nothing else to film! Then again, as you'll see below, they completely splice together Anna's metro trip, so who knows what is going through the producers' minds anymore.

19 Kids and Counting "A Big Idea" (S07E15): Anna's parents and her two younger come to visit Washington, DC. [but we don't really see the brothers.] As the Duggars' new house is 3x the size of the old one, there is plenty of room for guests, but keeping it tiday is a little overwhelming. [four bathrooms!] When Josh forgets his lunch, Anna and Marcus take it to him, which gives Anna a shot at driving into the city alone. She struggles with parallel parking but otherwise gets there okay. [I understand having not parallel parked since taking a driving test, but 100 turns?!? even when your car has the feature that beeps when it's near something??]

Jana and Michelle bring Josie to the Children's Hospital to encourage others with NICU babies.
JimBob has decided that farming is too much, but he has another idea - clean out their 3500 sq ft warehouse space and have a flea market. [not just a yard sale, LoL.] This would allow them to rent out the unit as well as give back to the NICU by donating the proceeds.

19 Kids and Counting "Flea Market Challenge" (S07E16): The kids are on board with the flea market idea, and Jill even thinks it should be an annual event. Jessa is excited because they'll be organizing things. [they have a box labeled "very special emails" ... what do you put in that? they know emails can be saved electronically, right?] Everyone then heads to a flea market to figure out how they works, and JimBob gives the girls and boys each $50 to try and buy things that they can turn for a profit at their own sale. [LoL, they have 50 minutes but Jana panics when they don't find anything in the first five!] JimBob tries bartering and their group saves $5. The other $45 go to 40 knives in a bucket. The girls go with 20 hairbows & accessories ($20) and 6 wooden ping pong guns ($30). [nobody is buying hairbows at a flea market, guys. and Joy was an odd choice to help Michelle sort old baby clothes.] 

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, Anna tries to use the metro for a Mommy & Me playgroup. [Anna is clearly using at least three different stations, for those unfamiliar with the DC metro. It makes no sense that she would start at Archives (Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter Station) and be at a red/blue stop, as that is on the yellow and green lines. Plus, they show her getting off at L'Enfant Plaza, which is only one stop away from there. Then we see Ballston, which is out towards Falls Church on the orange line. But JW Tumbles has two nearby locations, one in Arlington and one in Alexandria, and to take the metro to either, you'd need to transfer onto a bus, which we don't see happen. We also see blurred signs all around, but the Stuart street sign indicates to me that they HAD to take a bus at some point, as there is no Stuart in easy walking distance of any metro stop. PLUS, The whole thing is kinda weird, as we know the Duggars don't live near a metro line, so Anna making all of these different stops makes even less sense. oh, and to nitpick, she didn't know to wait until people finished getting off to get on the train. how? they've been to multiple big cities. I guess she might have been panicked with the double stroller?] Once they get to the playgroup, Michael freaks out, we learn they've been in DC for a few weeks now, and that Marcus is two months old. [why would Michael think it was a nursery? because of church? where else would he see one??]
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