Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2 Broke Girls: Coffee is Complicated

I'll admit, making coffee is not my forte. I have no idea how lattes, cappuccinos, and the like are made, though I have studied the infographics that illustrate the ingredient differences! So, the fact that Caroline and Max (who is 26, we've learned) struggle to work their new cappuccino machine makes sense to me. They had the same problem on Full House when Jesse bought the Smash Club, if I'm remembering correctly. However, I am fairly certain I would not have come up with the solution to just get hired at Starbucks for a few hours, long enough to learn the complicated system of caffeinated drinks. Too bad it didn't really work. 

2 Broke Girls "And the Group Head" (S03E04): At the diner, Max and Caroline witness a guy berating his wife into ordering salad instead of french fries, and order him to allow his wife what she wants. [this opener seemed a bit out-of-sync with the series... not sure why they wrote that!]

The girls want a cappuccino machine in the diner so they can use it for their cupcake window. [kinda selfish.] Oleg "knows someone" who steals them, and he takes one for the girls, under the deal that they will help he and Sophie reunite. [that machine is worth more than $600, by the way. we've priced such things!]
Caroline talks to Sophie about it, but she has no desire to be with Oleg again, upsetting the cook. Meanwhile, the girls can't figure out how to work the machine, so Han gives it a try... only to burn his neck. The girls ask the new employee, Luis, a 53-year-old gay day waiter with 27 years of industry experience, but he isn't interested in helping them or being their friend. [oh, please, let's get rid of this guy!] The girls decide to work at Starbucks long enough to learn how to use the contraption, but when they don't pick it up quickly, they wind up being fired. [in their defense, that trainer wasn't very nice.] Oh, and Han hired a new day waiter (who has a thing for Oleg) because the girls had been complaining about the former one. [if they don't stop being ten minutes late for every shift, they might wing up on the chopping block, too!]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $1,512.00 [up $202 from last episode.]
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