Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HIMYM: Pizza & Family

When Marshall describes food, he does SUCH a good job! First, the burger from eons ago, but now pizza? So beautiful. "Just pizza? Let me tell you about the thing you say is 'just pizza.' We begin with the first bite... oh! the crunch.. and then the marinara. That rolling lava of tomato and oregano, it overtakes you. I'm falling... and that's when she catches you. That chewy, voluptuous mistress: mozzarella. Her oven-kissed cheeks crackle with warmth in your mouth, cradling the sauce and the bread, letting you know that from now on that this is home. This pizza is home." Between that and the fact that Ted actually was able to get Marshall a pizza delivered as they were driving, I don't think any episode of any other show could put me more in the mood for pizza! But, let's look at the rest of the episode, too...

How I Met Your Mother "The Poker Game" (S09E05): Friday, 6pm, 48 hours before the wedding. The big wedding news is that the couple will honeymoon in Belize, where Barney will get cornrows. [I know, whaaat??] The poker game winds down, and Robin is bothered that James is still knocking marriage, so she bets him rings and wins his in a hand. [who makes that sort of gamble??!?] When he loses, James goes crying to his mother, who demands Barney get James' ring back. Robin refuses, and Barney doesn't want to take sides, though he eventually realizes that he should follow Lily's advice and side with Robin. Unfortunately, Robin goes too far and wins the sequined shirt off Barney's mother's back, among other things, and Barney goes too far by telling his mother and brother that he's separating himself from them now. ["bluff" tells, LoL.]
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Meawhile, Lily gets upset that Ted is talking about how he is great at gifting wedding presents, but she and Marshall didn't get anything from Ted upon their nuptials. [you know, we never got a gift from someone with whom we were rather close, and we talked about the potential reason why for months, LoL. I wonder if the same thing happened?] So, back when Ted was going to marry Stella, Marshall and Lily gave them a gift-wrapping station to rub it in, and that was AFTER Marshall had made several jokes about not getting a gift from him. [I thought the two guys both trying to give hints was really funny!] Turns out, Ted got them a coffeemaker, and had given hints about great coffee, as he never received a thank-you note. [slutty pumpkin alert!] Lily and Marshall thought it was from Stuart, who was also invited to Barney's wedding, so Lily confronts him about it. Stuart just put his name on it, and his wife, Claudia, went along with it, unknowingly. [omg!]
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