Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HIMYM: Ted Comes Clean

The clock is really ticking down toward the big moment... except, not really. In four episodes, only four hours have passed, and the progression of the actions definitely feels more like 6-7 hours, at least. Of course, if Ted is really going to finally get over Robin before the ceremony, time will definitely need to crawl by at a snail's pace... or she'll have to do something to make him totally angry. A poker game is a good distraction, but it's not exactly doing anyone any favors. I'm also starting to wonder how many episodes will get to be devoted to the actual wedding, as I'm still rather excited to see various aspects of that!
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How I Met Your Mother "The Broken Code" (S09E04): Friday, 3pm; 51 hours before the wedding. Robin claims that  Lily didn't do a good job planning Robin's bachelorette party, but, in reality, Robin had nobody to invite to the party. [ouch. my bachelorette was a good size (like 12 people, probably?), and I would have been hurt if it was only like 3, LoL.] It soon becomes obvious why Robin has no other female friends, and Lily decides to force Robin into making female friends so she'll be okay when Lily moves to Rome. Robin gets it on the second or third try, but Lily gets jealous and chases away the two-second-pal. [Lily is such a one-of-a-kind character!]

Barney talks about seeing Ted with Robin in the rain. He trusts Ted, so when Ted says it's nothing, no big deal. [Ted's excitement over calligraphy was believable, but his positive attitude toward other things definitely got me thinking that Ted was hiding something.] Barney and Ted talk about nuances in The Bro Code, and Marshall (via FaceTime on a stuffed pillow body) makes them re-enact the carousel comfort moment. Ted admits to still having feelings for Robin, but they make up, as they're convinced Ted can rid himself of the feelings in two days. [I refuse to believe that it would play out this way.]
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