Monday, October 14, 2013

Instant Mom: Keyboard, Harp, and Drums

There was less Grandma Maggie in this episode, which was definitely a plus. Charlie also didn't have a large role, really allowing Stephanie and the kids to illustrate their relationships. James definitely stands out as a character (and Tylen Jacob Williams as an actor), and has certainly become an early favorite. Aaron reminds me of Michelle Tanner on the midyears of Full House... doesn't say too much but gets humorous lines straight out of the mouths of babes. Gabby being written as a real teen continues to make this series feel more real than others on television, and although the family comedy is not at the top of the list for my favorite new shows this fall, I hope the subsequent episodes continue to make this cable show shine.
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Instant Mom "Harp & Soul" (S01E03): Singer Stephanie is concerned that James is only good at Guitar Hero, not playing an actual guitar, so she convinces Charlie to get the kids playing instruments: Aaron chooses drums, Gabby picks keyboard, and James goes with the harp. [I knew a girl who played the harp growing up. It sure sounded beautiful, but she had to drive like 2 hours each way for her weekly lessons!] James figures that Stephanie won't be able to get one and he'll get out of it. [ha!] Then, when she procures a catalog, he goes with a $24,000 one. Stephanie buys a small practice harp, and James practices strumming to build calluses before his real lessons begin. [this brings me back to my violin callus days... ouch!] He gets one lesson but is beyond bored... but, he's decent at the harmonica! Aaron is tired of the drums after one session. [just like a six-year-old, LoL.]

Gabby allegedly practices every afternoon, but it turns out that she just turns they keyboard on auto-play and reads magazines. [piano without a teacher?? also, who believes that she was banging out "The Entertainer" and "Fur Elise" after just a week??] She is discovered when an emergency organist is needed at church, and James removes the memory card from her keyboard that has "Amazing Grace" programmed. Stephanie is actually more embarrassed because the song was to accompany her solo, which Maggie has been hassling her about all week. Gabby apologizes but also demands an apology from Stephanie for forcing her to play an instrument in the first place. [and that's the end of that!]
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