Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Trying New Things

As there was another mini-conversation with the ladies after the episode, we'll open with the facts from that.
-All the girls agree that, if they hadn't gotten pregnant, their relationships with the babydaddies would have ended sooner. [that's sad.] Briana and Alex win for worst exes.
- Alex and Briana assume they'd live outside their parents' houses if they didn't have children to care for.
- The one thing they give up that they miss the most? Briana: showers. [I hear this one a lot...] Mackenzie: naps.
- What made you fall for baby's father? Briana: Devoin's wardrobe. [interesting. I never dated a guy based mostly on his style!] Mackenzie: Josh's looks. Katie: she had known Joey forever, so looks, comfort, and familiarity. Alex: Matt's skater look, and he was there for her when grandma died.
- What are the girls looking for in future significant others? stability, independence, education.
- The most difficult things they do as parents? Alex: diapers. Briana: learning to have patience. Katie: juggling everything. Mackenzie: self vs baby needs when her blood sugar is messed up.
- What would you do for your kid you can't? Alex: buy her more clothes. Briana: get what she needs... medicine and such. Katie: more stability.

Also, we learn that Mackenzie had been talking to another guy, but secretly. Josh caught her, but the cameras didn't. She also feels like her own mother does a lot of the mothering for Gannon. Briana agrees to a certain extent. [neither girl has a job, so it makes sense that they're struggling to provide.]

Teen Mom 3 "Strike Out Alone" (S01E10): Briana's birthday is May 21, and Katie's was June 14th. No strong dates for the other two girls.

Briana: Her mother and Brittany watch Nova so Briana can go out for the first time in eight months, for her 18th birthday. She really wants to go to a club, though her mother doesn't want her to. [how responsible that she wanted all of her birthday money to go straight to Nova's expenses!] They don't really enjoy the experience, and Briana winds up admitting it to her mother that she went there. [I found that odd.] Her mother thinks clubs are dangerous, so she's glad that nobody had a good time. [dangerous? They're in Orlando, not East Los Angeles!]
Alex: Matt can get out of rehab but he doesn't want to hang out with the same people again, so he stays in, hoping for a weekend pass for Arabella's birthday. Alex reminds him that he's got a long way to go. Alex thinks about dating a guy she talked to years ago, and a group of them go mini-golfing, including Alex's sister to help with the baby. [man, am I glad I didn't have to date with a baby! that's so much extra work!] 

Mackenzie: She and some friends go camping, but they struggle with the tent in the rain and have to ask for help. Later, Josh texts her about coming to get her saddle, but he's not there when she arrives. [that seemed random.]

Katie: Joey wants a break from Katie for a few weeks, though he will continue to see Molli. [nice of him to bring Molli to Katie at work for breastfeeding.] He tells her that he'll cover the bills until she can get back on her feet, but she says she'll need time to get over him. [interesting that this couple has done such a 180!]
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