Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2 Broke Girls: Cake Fries

The opening sequences are starting to be really "out there," and so unrelated to the actual episode that I find them annoying. Max potentially dealing with credit card fraud was different and could have had an original and unique spin, but it turns out the customer was using his restrooming friend's card, nothing fancy. The remainder of the episode, however, never went back to that at all (and they don't always have to. Full House and Cheers were both great about unrelated opening scenes) and made it feel out of place rather than a teasing interest point. Anyway, the basis for the episode is Caroline trying to find out how the girls can capitalize on the "cronuts" phase and build popularity on that. Rather than attempt to bake the item themselves, they first try a bait-and-switch, then combining elements of snacks to create something of their own. The gang all enjoys "cake fries," which have a cupcake served upside-down with a side of fries for dipping in the frosting. It's something that I don't see myself enjoying, but apparently it works for them! What's next?!?
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2 Broke Girls "And the Cronuts" (S03E05):  Caroline goes to give a free cupcake to a couple of customers, but they don't want it, as "cupcakes are over" and cronuts are in. [cookies are my personal favorite, then brownies, but cupcakes will never "be over." just saying.] The half-croissant-half-donut is only sold at one shop in SoHo, and the line can last two days, according to Sophie. [for those of you who don't "get it," we have lines like that for bakeries and ice cream shops out here, too. It's very common for the line to stretch down the block on weekends for no special reason.] Caroline does some market research by asking people why they're in line, and realizes that mixing two things is what people are after these days. [Max working at Target the year they sold out of Tickle-Me-Elmo is unlikely, as it was a popular toy in 1996, when she would have been 10 years old.] They wind up waiting and not even getting a cronut because the two people behind them and skip at the last second, buying the last of them. [as soon as I saw the people inching up, I knew that would happen. Max should have whipped out her savoir-faire!]

Caroline decides to sell black market cronuts at the window, then quickly "sell out" and sell their cupcakes instead. But, first they have to acquire them from Craigslist, at a price of $20 per pastry! The guy actually wanted $30 each, but Max wises up and forces the sale. A line for the window grows, but as soon as they sell out, the line dissipates. [well, yeah. if I wait in line for a flavor and it sells out, I've walked out of the shoppe at least a half-dozen times. recently, this has happened to me twice when I've gone to get a pumpkin latte!] Caroline decides that they need more than one product, and when Max dips french fries into her cupcake frosting, Caroline thinks that's it. Max has the diner gang try it, including Veronica, a black woman Sophie likes. Everyone enjoys the innovation, including Han, who had been on a cleanse. They start selling "Cake Fries" and actually sell out.

Cupcakery Savings Total
: $2,012.00 [up $500.00 from last episode.]
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