Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HIMYM: Barnmallow and Robinpad

When you steal someone's story and make it your own, you really must be careful with the details. Marshmallow and Lilypad are some of the most adorable pet names on television, and Barney and Robin really should have come up with something more sensible if they had hoped to be believed! Oh well, the point pretty much becomes moot when the couple must now find someone else to marry them. They just better not pull a Friends or The Big Bang Theory and get their pals ordained in the nick of time!

How I Met Your Mother "Knight Vision" (S09E06): Friday, 9pm, 45 hours before the wedding. Barney is excited to set up Ted with someone for the weekend, and he has 3 top choices: Sophia, Robin's college roommate; Cassie, the daughter of Loretta's best friend; and Grace, a co-worker of Barney's. [I really liked Robin's dress until I saw the back... so cute yet conservative until there's a large back panel missing.] Ted goes for Cassie, but it's the wrong choice. [haha at the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade jokes.]
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She gets fired via phone pretty soon, and Ted spends the next hour hearing her life story. [ugh! does this girl know NOBODY ELSE at the party?] Then, he winds up meeting her parents minutes before planning to leave her alone to hit on someone else. [her parents are there but she goes for a stranger's shoulder to cry on?] He waits too long to pawn her off on them, then winds up passing Sophia on his way out of the room... and she's with Cassie's ex! [I kinda don't believe it would work that way...] They wind up moving on from one another, and Ted jumps on Grace, for about ten seconds. He winds up having to console Cassie because everyone saw them together earlier. [that sucks. and Lily is usually more observant than that!]

Barney and Robin use Marshall and Lily's "how we met" story to win over the reverend, and when Lily accidentally gives that away, the wedding is in danger. This makes the judge think that Lily is the one who stole the story, so she decides to tell the story of how Barney and Robin met but use it as her own. [ha! also, prayer five!] The reverend gets upset and won't marry the couple after all, but he winds up dying as they tell more of their story. [if they hadn't recently pulled a Bernie's joke the "wedding at Bernie's" would have been better.]

In the car, Marshall tells Daphne about his judge opportunity, and she helps him prepare his conversation with Lily. Marshall gets upset at her when he learns that she is a lobbyist for a big oil company, and she retaliates by texting Lily the news. [omg jaw drop!]
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