Monday, October 21, 2013

Instant Mom: Overcoming Bullies

When I was about to start ninth grade, my mom's boss's daughter (her name was Stephanie, actually) came over because she wanted to try out for cheerleading and our neighbor had done gymnastics in her youth. I remember watching the two work on various moves and chants. Stephanie didn't make the cheerleading squad, and she wound up finishing at a different high school, so I have no idea whatever happened to her. With Gabby, though, I don't really think that cheerleading is her thing, as much as Maggie wants it to be. But, as piano wasn't her thing, either, I'm sure she'll come up with a hobby that sticks before long.

Instant Mom "Forty-Two Inches of Pure Evil" (S01E04): Gabby is trying out for cheerleadering, and Maggie is excited to help her. James crushes on one of his sister's friends, and even asks his dad how much dating costs. [haha.] The girls wind up quitting cheerleading because of all the work it entails, but James considers doing it to be closer to the ladies. [hehe, that's like the girls who join marching band purely to be near-ish to the football players. was that too dated?]
Aaron having special handshakes with everyone but Stephanie bothers her, so she decides to volunteer in Aaron's class to help with a bully and get closer to him. [what was that weird dragon card game, and why was wagering involved??] Except, she tells Aaron to use his humor... so he starts doing "you're so ugly..." jokes, getting Stephanie in trouble. [haha, when I was a kid, it was "yo' mama so ugly..." jokes.] The girl then cons Stephanie and then gets her banned from the campus for a year, before making Aaron her boyfriend. [what a little cheat!]
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