Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Bang: Working Together

I have a lot of respect for couples who work together. My husband and I work in vastly different industries, so it's not something I've thought much about, though our styles of doing things are different enough that I bet it would be a challenge. Actually, I am more surprised that Sheldon's paranoia has nothing to do with Amy's work (they'd be in different buildings and all) but rather the mere fact that they could potentially run into one another on any given workday. I guess I just don't see the big deal there. But, honestly, I just like how the whole thing set up a big Howard-Bernadette-Raj scenario. Howard heads to his friend's place, but even after Bernadette apologizes (days later), he would rather stay to finish a video game than make-up with her. I think this is an excellent example of how the camaraderie on this series works... the guys have been together without female companionship for so long that they do not value it above all else, especially when a favorite hobby is a variable. 

The Big Bang Theory "The Workplace Proximity" (S07E05): Amy has been invited to consult at Sheldon's university for a few months, which will put them near one another more often. Being a considerate girlfriend, she asks Sheldon if that will bother him, and he doesn't think it will change anything other than cut down on their time together outside of work. [a weekly quota??] The guys talk to Sheldon, and after hearing Howard talk about how he's go crazy around Bernadette that much, he changes his mind. [haha that Sheldon told Bernadette that Howard wouldn't want to work with her.] However, Amy has already signed the contract, but she says that they can remain completely separate and professional at work. In the university cafeteria, Amy walks by Sheldon and the others to sit with different professors, and Sheldon cozies up to them, insulting them and embarrassing her. [you know, as Sheldon would.] He later goes to her office to ask for a ride, but she's busy and tells him to go. [interesting to see Sheldon and a Capuchin monkey responding the same way to various stimuli.]
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Sheldon takes the bus home but falls asleep and misses his stop, making it very late by the time he arrives. He winds up going to Amy's, but his attempt at an apology doesn't go over well. [no surprise there!]
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