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19 Kids and Counting: Josh, the Flea Market, and Jessa

The focus of this entire section of 19 Kids and Counting episodes has been the flea market and Josh's move to Washington, DC. Jessa's courtship was treated as an afterthought, thrown in after the final editing, if I had to guess. I think that the only reason the flea market thing was drawn out was so the producers didn't have to film a lot of JimBob's family and could instead focus on Josh's in Washington, DC. As I've hypothesized in the past, I think TLC wants to do a "Next Generation" series and is trying to test the waters on how an audience would respond to more of Josh, and perhaps Jessa as she makes her way out of the home. Why else would you do an anniversary episode that's half Josh AND a "Josh and Anna through the years" episode in the same season??

Oh, and again with the Two and a Half Men commercial! [local CW network]

19 Kids and Counting "Engaging Announcement!" (S07E18): The Duggars visit the Bates family on their way home from a speaking engagement, and Erin announces she is engaged to Chad Paine (who has 5 brothers and 4 sisters). She will marry in two months, so the women head camping to bond and chat about the experience, leaving JimBob and Gil with 17-18 kids. [haha, Justin "can starve" and Jackson "can cook."] 15 sleeping bags, 4 tents, and 10 lbs food are taken on a two-hour drive to a friend's private campsite. But, they didn't have instructions for the tents, so and one is mildewy, so they decide to just sleep on the covered dock and in the bus. The ladies do some water activities in the lake, then Erin recounts the story of how she and Chad meant and courted. [Erin's nails were a French manicure when the Duggars arrived (and in the scene where she got engaged) but they're pink at the campfire. did she re-do them or are these activities not actually from the same trip??] They met a little over 2 years ago at a Valentine's banquet, then they texted, and Chad asked Gil about courting Erin. When he was ready to propose, Gil and Kelly were the chaperones on the date, and Chad hired a horse and carriage. [was that Michaela curling her hair?]
Gil donates some junk for the Duggars' flea market, like a set of golf clubs, a tool, and a camp stove. Their idea of a meal includes 4 bags of corn chips, 48 oz sour cream, and 12 lbs beans for chili pie, plus cheese and lettuce, of course.

19 Kids and Counting
"Duggar Challenges!" (S07E19): Marcus is almost three months old, and is pretty laidback. Josh and Anna have over some military friends, Scott (9 years serving) and Amanda (deployed in the DC area nights) Reed, plus two sons and Amanda's sister. They've been there 5 weeks, so they're also new to the area. Anna's menu includes grilled chicken, broccoli, asparagus, rice, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream. [what was she brushing onto that asparagus?? and if this is one of Josh's favorite meals, why was she unsure of how to prepare the chicken?]

Back in Arkansas, to prepare for the flea market, JimBob has the boys open up the pocket knives they bought and clean them up. Grandma even buys one. [I wonder if they remember to note that in the sales figures?] The girls decorate the ping pong guns. Then, JimBob invites John Reddish, an auctioneer friend, to come over and teach the family some auctioneering skills, as the Duggars have some large items that they want to auction instead of just sell at the flea market. They start with a tongue-twister: 'round the rough and rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran. [I do tongue twisters with my theatre classes, so I'll have to think about adding in this one for the older children!] Michelle winds up being the positive one, thinking they might even raise $10,000 from the flea market, compared to JimBob's $4,000-5,000.

19 Kids and Counting "Flea Market Finale" (S07E20): The kids suggest that they promote the flea market on the radio, and come up with a lot of ideas and logistics questions. The little kids make signs, the older girls bake tons of cookies, and JimBob continues to be paranoid that they won't be ready in time. [I'm with Grandma on this one... they should be better with their measuring!] Michelle continues to be confident, though she eventually calls Kathy Cheney for help, and she brings a small staff. The Carsons also donate their time. [haha that some of the older girls chose to donate shirts that the others weren't tired of, so there was some re-snatching!] Josh, Anna, and the kids come out for the flea market as a surprise. [I would have liked to see that car trip!]

There were five areas to the event: carnival, flea market, concession, bake sale, and auction section. [Joy, Jason, James, Jackson, and Cousin Amy all took turns in the dunk tank.] There were over 4,000 items for sale, and they can take cash and credit. Two hours in (of 6), they're just over $3,000 in sales. Two hours later, they reach $5272, so the clothing starts to go for half-price. [and is among the many items that were donated after the sale was over.] The grand total is $18,471.50.

They bought the $50 items a month ago, and Jessa starts selling the pocket knives for $2-3 instead of $5 each. The ping pong toys were all sold within three hours. Hanny gets started auctioneering to make people interested in a cute little kid. [she gets pushed into doing so much that she doesn't seem to be comfortable with... more than any other Duggar, I'm afraid.] But, there wasn't interest in the bows so JimBob bought them. [ha!] Jedidiah decides to start peddling the knives as he walks around, and the boys wound up with $122 in sales, while the girls ended up with $80. [at least they made a profit!]

Jessa is in a courtship where she's allowed to text, with the modern twist of JimBob and Michelle also receiving all of the texts between the two. [interesting. not a bad way to go, actually. I could be supportive of that idea in other scenarios as well.]

19 Kids and Counting "Josh & Anna: Our Story" (Special): The family has been in Washington, DC for 3.5 months now. Anna grew up sharing a bedroom and closet with four sisters, and hadn't planned on settling down young, until she met Josh at 18. They spent an hour on the phone at night, with different siblings chaperoning. [is she missing a bottom tooth on her right side? I think I've wondered that before but it seems especially noticeable in this installment.] Anna sees a video of fifteen-year-old Josh talking about marriage, and we learn that Josh and Anna only saw each other once during their engagement. [seeing the kids in 2008 talking about Josh and Anna was adorable!] They talk about how they prepared for the first kiss. [I had forgotten Josh sang during their wedding ceremony!] They were only apart a few hours during their entire first year of marriage, as they worked together at the car lot. [holy cow! that is so intense!]

Then, there's the review of each pregnancy and birth, pointing out that everyone was out of town when Anna went into labor with Mackynzie, and she progressed so quickly that she birthed at home instead of elsewhere. [yet Michelle had time to fly home??]
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