Friday, October 16, 2009

New Duggar, Roloffs are Back, Butters is a Pimp

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: haha, Monk has to go to group therapy instead of individual. It was really funny for Monk to try and fix all of his problems in one last individual session. Monk gets creative and gets Natalie to pedal him on a tandem bike on Dr. Bell's route... but this is also on the previews, so I was hoping another sneaky attempt to get free therapy would happen, but nope. Monk coming in to the first therapy session late was amusing... Monk thinking that he was the murderer just because it made sense to kill off those people was funny, and when he made the comment about how the cleaning products as the weapon was his perfect match, I was practically rolling. Finally, I was very moved that Harold would switch therapists so that Monk could be alone in his group therapy. I couldn't believe that Monk's archenemy would do such a nice thing, especially when you think back to certain old episodes where Harold was dying to even get the name of the doctor Monk was seeing!

(regarding all these Sunday night FOX shows... I feel like there were too many commercial breaks... I like the longer tv/longer commercials)
The Simpsons
: haha, 97,000 pages of porn in searching "girls having fun" to find "crazy bowling." The sign outside the police station was also pretty funny "No police -- be good." I guess "Ultimate Fighting" just hasn't been made fun of anywhere, haha. Marge's take on it was quite reminiscent of the REALLY old episode where she takes on the violence in Itchy & Scratchy. Nelson wants to be an event planner... haha, makes me laugh. AND haha "septagon," thought that was kinda a crazy add-in. AND "that flattens my soda pop" is funny. But the episode was pretty bad, so I began to zone out... and do other things... so no more comments after that part of the episode.

Family Guy: "Lois Griffin, poop for one" was pretty funny... and the elephant exchange made me giggle... especially since the elephant "couldn't remember" how long it would take him. Peter's character really weighs 270 pounds? DUMP/DUMPF was kinda funny. "everything from A to backwards R" haha. I liked the appearance that the game "go bananas" made, but the "one word at a time" was kinda dumb here. I think one of the things that I appreciate about Family Guy is that NOBODY seems to get ALL of the pop culture references. It's like a little something for everyone, and I like that.

American Dad: um, dumb paper airplane junk. remote controlled airplane... cool. super sad face about the little prison birdie getting killed. And I guess "no questions" means only until you get tied up by the Chinese mafia. ...and the moral of the fight: hit everyone in the nuts. I hope to see the squirrels again, they were pretty funny.

How I Met Your Mother: "Tweed is the textile of the eunuch," lmao. I want Lily and Marshall to be MY couple friends! I think it would kill my husband tho, LoL. I'm getting annoyed by their flashback sets tho. Why didn't Ted and Robin ever do the couples night with Marshall and Lily? I gotta say that the poem by Barney this week was one of my FAVORITE monologues EVER. I loooooooved it. I may need to reproduce it. Lily's tubetop-ish shirt didn't seem to fit her well. And the Barney-Robin depression scenes were realllly out of character.

Lincoln Heights
: the teddy bear had $50,000 of PURE heroin in it?? Dear God! Cassie acting like it's all going to go away overnight is dumb and annoying. Lizzie wore a strange outfit the morning they went to Gabriel's apartment. Who talks on the phone when they're having an Italian suit custom-made?? And I know that Charles is only a teenager, but he should be able to understand that an illegitimate child is not something that an important person needs. A nephew who has been taken in is fine, there was no reason for him to freak out like that. Likewise, Cassie should have just left well enough alone, there was no reason to freak out to her parents. I think it's amusing how everyone is trying to catch the bandit. And that they're really hyping up the danger of the area this season. Poor Lizzie, she just can't seem to stop running into trouble. :( It took until this point for Eddie to realize that Cassie loves Charles?? I was surprised that Charles' crappy father didn't try to talk to the other son after Charles left... fill him full of stories, etc. THe entire Marco storyline has been weird since its inception, but oh well, it's over now.

House, M.D.: I thought 13's jump to talk about her "big dog" was funny. Chase and Foreman scurrying around to come up with various lies is amusing. Cameron actually getting to test out one of her ideas was nice... usually they just dismiss her suggestions. Why doesn't Cuddy realize that something will go seriously wrong, not just "come clean, no big deal" regarding the Dibala case? Really, why would Wilson cancel 13's strange & random Bangkok trip?? C'mon, it's ALWAYS House.

Little People, Big World: wow, it's been gone forever, but it's back! the new opening is cute. new mule/workhourse was BIG. SOOOOOO many projects on that property, good gracious! I was hit hard by the fact that "divorce" was mentioned just four minutes into the episode! Molly & Amy were wearing Central Michigan apparel... ? how did we NEVER see the castle before, unless I've just missed it every time?? The finished castle is pretty freaking awesome, tho!
Zach got a custom-made suit which is nice. I thought it was funny that he didn't know what lapels, buttons, cuffs, pockets, etc. he wanted. Of course, everyone was seventeen once, so it makes sense. The outside look of the house is a lot different than it originally was, but at least it's all in once piece, LoL. I thought it was weird/funny that Amy was hemming Zach's pants the day of... why not get them done by the suit ladies? Jeremy doing Zach's hair was funny. I really loved Zach and Molly crying out "Mom!" throughout the getting-ready process. The time difference is so great... this episode was like last January or so, a much greater difference than in most other TLC shows. I love how different Jeremy's hair is all the time. And then the last few minutes were again devoted to the struggles of Amy & Matt's marriage.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Yay!! First day of school for the six!! "Junior kindergarten?" Kate really seemed to struggle with the kids in the shoe store. Stride Rite... the same place that the Hayes family went with their kids... The kids were much more ready for this than they were for preschool! Why is the bus stop at a shopping center, LoL? And they finally said it, "with only a limited number of episodes left." Kate hadn't been to Mady & Cara's room in how long??? She doesn't tuck them in? anything?

18 Kids and Counting: still no more "one on the way." It's not unheard of to change the opening credits mid-season, I want them to do it! LoL. Yahoo messed up their description of the episode and called Anna "Amy"!!!!! I thought it was amusing that Michelle and Anna had an OB appointment on the same day, haha. But this is obviously a time-lapsed episode, since Anna was only 30 weeks along here, and she had the baby last week at 38ish weeks. (Plus, Michelle conceived on Father's Day and she's 9 weeks along.) JimBob actually said that he feels helpless without the older girls (similarly, I was kinda surprised that ALL of the older girls got to go on the outing, I assumed they'd leave 1 or 2 at home!). It was interesting that Anna addressed the "pressure to have a lot of kids" issue. We also saw a shot of the "home church" that is held at the Duggar's house. Suzanne talked again, but we still don't know why she was there for several months... Josh needs to sell 6 cars a month to break even... that's interesting... Josh and Anna don't have good homework habits. :( And I was unsure how Josh didn't know what to expect from a Bradley class at all... his mom and several of his sisters (not to mention his DAD) have all gone before. haha, the Bradley instructor commented on Josh's weight (he is getting some moobs, after all). Has Anna changed the way she's doing her eyebrows? They look kinda thinner than I remember. Josh "trading" for a limo was cool, and it was nice to see Anna's family all there for the shower! The Duggars have a soda fountain in the house? I never noticed that before. I want the recipe for "cherry vanilla ice cream punch" !! The inclusion of Psalm 127:3 was nice, I had never seen a Bible verse on a baby cake before. The chocolate diaper game grossed me out... even if the families enjoyed it. I liked the idea of mothers having bigger flowers on their shirts than non-mothers (at least that's how I understood it... maybe the distinction was something else completely). Josh was using an iphone app for the contractions... cute. Um, once you're IN LABOR, I think you should have a plan. Just because your doctor is out of town, you don't know what to do?!? I understand that Anna wasn't a big fan of other/strange doctors, but many first-time mothers deliver early, so two weeks early when you know your doctor is out of town, you HAVE TO HAVE A BACKUP plan. The idea of showering often in the late stages of labor intrigued me, just because I hadn't heard of that before. The cameraman and Josh switching places was a little funny. At what point do they head to the hospital? It didn't look like they went that night, unless they just took their time.

Table for 12: not new this week! I need to find out if this show is actually on, or if the two new episodes I missed a few weeks ago were a fluke!

South Park: I never would have thought to have a kissing booth for $5 when I was nine years old. These kids are geniuses sometimes, haha. And $2 for hugs, hahaha. What kinda sting operation doesn't arrest the guy until AFTER doing the deed??!? There are pimping CONVENTIONS?!? The stings were really too graphic for me, I was deeply disturbed by the second one. I didn't think you could lie tho... the guy literally asked if she was a cop and she said no... Butters is so cute saying "do you know what I am saying" and enunciating every word, haha. Hold up. Wait a minute. Butters also has REAL hoes?!? I just can't get over how funny it is.. and the scene where Butters goes to ACORN to file some stuff is hil-freaking-larious. I love that hoes can get health insurance, LMAO.
Sidenote, I have been wanting to make a South Park character one and off for three years or so. But I never got around to it until this week. I've included her to the right, and I think she's adorable. :)

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Off season:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
Cake Boss (Monday, October 26th)
The Goode Family (waiting to be picked up again)

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also, I'm up for taking requests for new shows to start covering. :)
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