Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trophy Wife: Diane is an Extreme Mother

Warren has both a desktop computer AND a laptop at Pete's house, yet Hillary doesn't seem to own either? Why did she have to borrow Warren or Jackie's device for her Chelsea Clinton chat? The whole argument over whether the teens are 14 or 15 is also slightly troubling, but let's look at the bigger picture. The show isn't bad; it's different and semi-interesting, making good use of the various characters and not ignoring anyone. There are, perhaps, a few too many people around, and Diane may be a bit overwhelming, but it's good, clean fun. Problematically, I don't know that enough people are watching. I'll give it another episode beyond the three recapped below...

Trophy Wife "The Social Network" (S01E03): Diane tells Pete that Hillary is sneaking around, "hooking up" with a boy, and demands that he snoop through her things. [the term, "hooking up" has been around for over ten years now, but I've NEVER actually heard someone use it in real life. maybe I'm too old for the slang, but I'm tired of it because it seems to fake to me.] Hillary is only 14, and Kate suggests that, rather than invade her privacy, they just talk to her. Pete goes to interrogate her, but when that doesn't work, he searches the internet for the boy, Ace McBrady, but he just keeps posting his name over and over as her status update. [this was probably funny to people who have never seen that internet gag before, I guess.] Before they can delete the multiple entries, Hillary gets home and sees, getting very upset. [duh.] Kate tries talking to Hillary, but the teen hits her up for a party, even though she's grounded. Hillary begs to be allowed to see a movie, and Diane agrees, purely so she can keep snooping. But, Hillary dupes Kate when Meg sees Hillary get into another car at the movie theater. The BFFs follow her while Diane uses her fake online persona to find out where the party is. Kate arrives first, and busts Hillary seconds before Diane and Peter arrive. [her middle name is Rodham??] There's nothing unexpected going on at the party, though. [haha, Diane is using "Courteney" to get Warren to work harder at school, too!]

Meanwhile, Bert has a playdate with Sawyer, whose mother has a shoppe. Bert and Jackie play it up so Jackie can showcase her jewelry there, but she needs 20 more pieces immediately. Bert has more perseverance than Jackie, and asks Warren to help. [Jackie taking the doggie door and Bert's Yiddish phrases were weird.].

Trophy Wife "The Breakup" (S01E04): Meg shows up, having freshly ended a relationship. They had only been together a couple of weeks, but she and Kate start drinking hardcore, and, in the night, Meg eats Hillary's solar system project, which was made with candy. [that's disgusting.]
ABC/Danny Feld
Kate tells Meg that she needs to do things, so she can't mess around all day. After Meg swims topless, Kate drives her back to her boyfriend's place... and learns that the fight was over mustard. [I can't handle this type of immaturity, guys.] Kate tells Meg that she likes the responsibilities that she has now, and they decide to take a break from one another. [I think this argument should have come a little later in the series, but I'm glad to be rid of Meg for a bit.] Kate gets upset that she's not considered "fun" anymore, and Pete goes to Meg's to fix the friendship between the ladies. [oh. figures.]

Jackie buys Bert a LEGO set that has over 1,000 pieces, but they can't figure it out, so Jackie calls Warren for help. [he's such a catch-all character, LoL.] He organizes all of the pieces for an hour, but when Diane calls him, he's caught not studying for the PPSAT. [he did the second grade twice... so he and Hillary aren't in the same grade?]

Trophy Wife "The Tryst" (S01E05): Diane checks the twins' homework with video conferencing, which also allows her to hear Pete and Kate try to get out of carpool. [ha!] Diane then calls them for help with a fundraiser, and they have to come as 80s icons. Diane is Pat Benatar, Pete is Billy Idol, and Kate is Melanie Griffith from Working Girl. Pete and Kate head to a supply closet and have some fun, only to learn that there is no handle on the inside of the closet. [omg I'd freak out!] Kate blames Pete for the night going down the toilet, but he thinks it's Diane's fault. With Kate's encouragement, he stands up to Diane and says he won't let her steamroll his plans anymore. [can we agree this won't last?]

Hillary and Warren find Jackie's dating video profile, and tell her that it might be a little strong. Hillary dresses her in Kate's clothes and Warren re-shoots and edits the video, but Bert gets jealous and delays things before he also helps. [STRANGE side story!] 
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