Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome to the Family: Lisette Fears Grandmotherhood

There seem to be two schools of thought on becoming a grandmother: either you can't wait for it, or you're terrified that people will assume you're old because of that status. Caroline seems to be mostly ignoring what will change in her life as a grandmother because she is having another child simultaneously. Lisette, on the other hand, wasn't ready for the title and is desperate for assurance that it's not the end of the world. Miguel's solution to the problem may have been unconventional, but it worked. And not just for his wife, either... this episode did an excellent job of bringing the plots together. Unfortunately, the series has been cancelled, before we were even able to see the Halloween episode in the pipeline! Oh well, another pilot down...
Adam Taylor/NBC
Welcome to the Family "The Big RV Adventure" (S01E03): Miguel and Lisette go to Demetrio's parents' night at school, and his teachers is one of Miguel's exes. [if you believed in moving away from your hometown, this probably wouldn't happen.] Lisette gets upset and tells Demetrio he didn't have to read Of Mice and Men, which forces them back to see the teacher about the kid's refusal to do the assignment. [ha!] Lisette admits to Miguel that she did say that, as she's afraid that she won't be sexy now that she's about to be a grandmother. [you know, because what someone calls you changes your appeal to others... it's the Agatha/Candy problem.]

Dan wants to be intimate with Caroline, but she's experiencing morning sickness. Between that and the fact that he's jealous of a colleague's new child-free lifestyle, he decides to buy an RV. [why is this one of those things about which you don't consult your wife??] Caroline gets upset that he bought it without telling her, so she decides to return it. On the way, she has a burger craving and attempts to use the drive-through... only to get stuck. Enter Lisette, who flirts with a cop to delay Caroline's arrest (for refusing to leave the vehicle). Problem solved. [though Dan going to such extremes to stand up for his wife was a bit intense.] Oh, and having the RV gives Molly and Junior a place to be intimate, as he wasn't comfortable doing so in either of their parents' houses. [where do you suppose they were when she got pregnant...?]
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