Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dads: Dating

The jokes are a bit gross at times, but the comedy is still pretty funny. Having Warner's birthday be September 11th is interesting, but I think you can have a party without a big deal, just have it on the weekend and not your actual birthday! But that's just one example. I think that the show has a crowd, and the numbers show it's actually has growth potential, but I'm just not the demographic, and I'm going to move on with life. This series will sit alongside Two and a Half Men... decent episodes here and there, but overall more annoying than funny, and not worth spending extra time thinking about.

Dads "Funny Girl" (S01E04): Eli has a girl over but David ruins it by remarking on how many girls he has over. [ugh.] He gets depressed but then finds out that a pretty friend of Veronica's is single. He demands that David leave that night, and gives him enough money to be occupied for a few hours. But, when he doesn't approve of the girl, he doesn't leave. [that's kinda funny.]
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Eli asks her out again anyway, and goes back to her place instead. She starts to get annoying with her many voices (she's a comedian), but Eli pretends he's falling for her to prove his dad wrong. [well, that'll never work...] David dares him to ask her to move in, and he does. [whaaa??] Because her lease is up, she goes for it, but both David and Edna can't stand her, so as soon as Eli agrees it's a problem, David hypnotizes her and they ditch her. [but how does that work once she wakes up?]

One of the guys who does voice-overs for the company is in jail, and Camilla thinks Crawford should fill in. He goes overboard with the mic, then smokes a cigar in the sound booth. [because he's channeling 1940s radio personalities?] He does a pretty good job until he finds out that he's voicing evil businessmen, so he quits. [ha!] He then decides to occupy the booth, like Wall Street, and Warner tries various means to get him out of there, including playing democratic speeches.

Dads "Oldfinger" (S01E05): The guys shouldn't smoke cigars because they have company physicals coming up, but they do anyway. It turns out that Crawford and David haven't had a physical in years, so Eli suggests they come, too, a decision he soon regrets. The results are announced to the whole group at once, and it seems that Crawford and David are fine, but Eli and David need to live more healthfully. [I hate violations with health info!] David tells Eli to spend more time in the bathroom and yell at the TV, and Crawford suggests Warner drink more. The guys listen to their fathers, and a week later, they've really turned around their health. [um, nothing change that drastically that quickly.] When the doctor is giving Warner a prostate exam, he dies, with his hand "involved." [seriously, what could they have in New Orleans that they don't have in San Francisco?] It takes quite a while to separate the guy, and Warner is sore afterward.

Dads "My Dad's Hotter than Your Dad" (S01E06): Warner breaks up with one of the assistants for Eli, then hires one that he thinks Eli will stay away from. ["Asians don't dream; it's a waste of time." ha!] Well, the fathers find her attractive, and she agrees to a date with each of them. [who does that?] She is slightly more taken by David, bothering Warner enough that he goes to her home to try and get her to see Crawford again. But, flowers drip on his pants and she mistakenly sees him rubbing his genital area, then quits. [can't blame her!] Eli tries to get David to call her and smooth things over, but instead, Warner has to see the new HR woman, who immediately questions why so many past assistants have had severance checks. [great question!] Eli admits to being a problem, and he winds up dating her to get out of trouble. [how did that work?]
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