Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goldbergs: The Ring

I know that many writers pull from their personal experiences to write their stories, but this show certainly does that to the extreme. The photo at the end of Beverly still wearing a "used" engagement ring years later was a little too "real" for me. I continue to be on the edge when it comes to enjoying this comedy, though I did really enjoy the conversation between Pops and Adam where Barry keeps popping up all around them! I also would want more Erica coverage, maybe with Beverly... regardless, I'm still tuning in, but only as a half-hearted fan.

The Goldbergs "The Ring" (S01E05): It's October 4th. [this sets the episode before #3 and #4.] Beverly wants Murray to clean out the garage as a belated birthday gift to her, and Barry and Erica find a box of love letters that Murray wrote to a previous fiance, Anita.
ABC/Colleen Hayes

Beverly knows about her and isn't that bothered, but she and Erica wind up going to the library to find a picture of Anita on microfiche. [this takes me back to grad school! I spent hours scrolling through newspaper reels for my thesis!] When they locate a photograph, they realize that Beverly's engagement ring was re-used. [omg!] Beverly demands a new ring, and winds up with a $5,000 piece... for a short period of time. Adam helps out his father by giving him some footage of his parents showing they love one another, which makes Beverly happy again, and she returns the ring. [so many returned engagement rings on television... though I think Brandon returning Kelly's on Beverly Hills, 90210 was my favorite.] 

Adam crushes on a neighborhood girl, Dana, whose bike breaks down outside his house. [yeah. uh huh. convenient.] He makes a fool of himself trying to help her, so he turns to Pops for advice. Well, Adam decides to go all Say Anything and holds up a boombox outside Dana's house, only for her brother and father to hear the music instead. [oh, 80s!] In the end, though, Dana shows genuine interest... at least for a pre-teen.
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