Thursday, October 24, 2013

South Park: Plants Turn Goths to Emos

I wax poetic about South Park sometimes, but this episode was a swing and a miss. And I didn't even think about the fact that the standard characters are pretty much absent from the episode! The themed opening was a nice change, but with this series not going into a segment immediately after the theme song, I bet many DVR watchers missed it. That is, if they even checked their DVRs to set properly, as the shenanigan last week caused many to not recognize that this was a "new" episode. It's okay, though, not much was missed, so here's hoping that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have more up their sleeves... between Halloween, the government shutdown, and Obamacare, there's gotta be something awesome they can do, right?

South Park "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" (S17E04): The goth kids smoke and read Poe at Henrietta's house, and the actions make her parents think that she is "emo." [haha.] They decide to send her to a troubled kids' camp for two weeks, but the other goths try to get CPS involved. In explaining the problem, uncool audiences got an explanation of the differences between goth and emo... in short, goths are nihilistic and believe the world is screwed up, while emos are cynical and believe they are messed up. [I thought that was a decent summary, actually.] When Henrietta returns, she acts emo, and tries to win others over to that clique, too.
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However, when Michael's parents send him to the camp, too, the remaining goths turn to the vamps for help. [haha, Hot Topic is the vamp lair!] After the vampire kids observe the conversion, they hold a seance for Edgar Allan Poe, whose goth name is "NightPain." [I love how all the groups worship Poe.] It seems that being emo stems from being near a special plant, and a faux-goth emo kid captures some others to convert them. [I'm unclear as to why emos would care enough to convert others...] The kids summon NightPain and ask him to shoot the King Emo Plant (which is really only a common ficus), and it turns out it was all a set-up for a TV show - Yes! I'm Scared. [I think this was the worst part of the episode, actually.] The whole thing was a prank, and the kids are stumped. The "turned" emos struggle to believe there is no organic spore in their heads, but soon they're back to their usual selves.
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