Wednesday, May 15, 2013

19 Kids & Counting: Moving, Graduation, a New Baby...

What's with Anna calling her husband "Joshua" instead of "Josh"?? That's new, and I don't like it. Another thing I'm not terribly fond of is the way that this series milks issues for multiple episodes. I understand that they are trying to drive ratings by using cliffhangers to force people to tune in over and over, but at a certain point it becomes as problematic as the issues MTV faces with Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2: because of the news, tabloids, and social media, the public already has access to the interesting stuff. Whether Josh and family move or not and the sex of the new baby are facts that viewers could look up with ease if they so desired. So, between those elongated stories and the re-hashing of how homeschool works in the Duggar household, this show is just getting staler and staler... agreed?
19 Kids and Counting "Decisions & Deliveries" (S07E09): Josh has been offered an office job in the Washington, DC area, so he and Anna discuss the possible move, then ask the advice of his parents. [why was all of the commentary negative? certainly JimBob could say SOMETHING positive about this potential change!] 

Jana and Jill attend a birth that is complicated by the mother being unable to utilize the tub because of slowed contractions. [I hadn't realized tubs could do that.] When the child is born, there's a defect in the umbilical cord, so the paramedics are called. [I was a bit weirded out!] The omphalocele required surgery to correct the newborn's intestinal area, but the baby healed quickly. [and it gave me a reason to go look up something new to be paranoid about with my own future children, LoL.]

The family heads to Texas for Joseph's ALERT graduation, where they see some demonstrations. Joseph excelled in scripture memory and the endurance hike. [did everyone get commended for three things?]

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Get Physical" (S07E10): Josh, Anna, and their children head off to Florida to see Priscilla's baby, who is just a couple weeks old. [that bird thing was funny to me because we had the same thing happen in our house last week!] Priscilla and Anna talk about their labors and dealing with newborns while Josh and David have four-wheeler races. [a minute is a huge margin by which David won, I thought. The mud wrestling was just plain weird, though.] Then, Josh and Anna talk to her family about moving to Washington, DC. The next day, Anna watches Baby Paul while Priscilla goes to minister with the other Kellers. [three children under four just sounds rough!]

We see JimBob help with breakfast because Jana, Jess, and Jinger are away on a mission project and Jill is tired from delivering babies. Things run slowly, but they still manage to get to church on time.

Josh and JimBob return to the doctor to do new stress tests, where JimBob increases his time from 12:33 to 14:02, and Josh went from 10:46 to 14:12. [Scenes from the next episode reveal that Josh went from 216 to 203, and JimBob went from 211 to 199.]
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