Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Middle: School Problems, Lies, and Advice

Do kids just not get their hair done for Prom anymore?? I've noticed this on television and it really strikes me as odd! and sad, for that matter. Another thing about these two episodes that shocked me is how much Sue stands out. I think that she's an oddball as much as Brick is, but her plots can be blown out of proportion pretty quickly. I know that it's for the sake of comedy in many ways, but I often wonder what suffers because of those stories. For instance, Mike and Axl's fishing adventure was really about two minutes long if you piece the flashes together... and I know Mike isn't one for a lot of talking, but I think that he could/would have given more advice to his college-bound son. Oh, and this family has a boat??!?

The Middle "Hallelujah Hoedown" (S04E22): Sue thinks that she can stop herself from freaking out while taking her driving tests by practicing Lamaze breathing. [this seriously made me laugh!] But, she fails three more times anyway. [I can't think of anyone who failed more than twice... can you?] Carly makes her feel bad when she gets her license on the first try, but when her other friends also begin driving, Sue feels terrible and turns to Reverend TimTom for advice. [he's always around when she needs him, huh?] She tries to take his advice but blows up at a hoedown when all anyone talks about is driving problems. [completely believable.] Her friends band together to give her more confidence, but she can't take the test again for another month anyway. [half sad and half funny.]
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Axl and his friends start a service asking girls to proms for people. [what teacher encourages interruptions like that??] He asks Cassidy to go, though he initially thought that she wasn't interested. [weird.] At Prom, she tells him that she'll be leaving sooner than expected for Vassar, as she was accepted into a summer program. To make matters worse, when she says that they won't be together next year anyway, he breaks up with her on the spot. [so sad!] Axl is crowned Prom King, and has nobody with whom to dance... though WeirdAshley comes to his rescue. [which we all knew was coming!]

Frankie is worried that she'll be getting the shaft for Mother's Day yet again, so she tells Brick exactly what she wants so that he can make it happen. She says he's the only one she's going to tell, but then says the same thing to Sue and Axl. [I love this family!] The problem is, nobody can really remember what Frankie asked for... and when Brick stumbles onto it, Mike isn't sure about getting Frankie something "medical." [the foot spa was season 1, so I don't have a link for you as a refresher, my bad!] Mike decides that it's not his job to pick something out, and Brick decides to get yellow pants for his mother. [hahaha.]

 The Middle "The Ditch" (S04E23): Axl realizes that Sue has never missed a day of school, so he encourages her to skip school for a day. She decides to do it, sneaking out of the house and intercepting the call from the attendance office. BUT, because she's never missed before, she wasn't aware that she'd need a signed note when she returned, so she spends the next couple of hours practicing her mother's handwriting. [if you start doing it when you're like 12, you've got it down by 16. just sayin'.] Then, she calls Brad and finds out that there was a surprise assembly of college a capella groups, complete with ice cream! [we had one "surprise assembly" my whole high school career, but it was AWESOME. Ben Glenn came!] In trying to make herself feel better, Sue tries to enjoy some junk food in bed, but spills all over her parents' comforter. [HILARIOUS that she thinks her parents could see what time she used the internet. Mike and Frankie aren't that tech-savvy, LoL!] The whole experience gives her hives and causes her to miss two MORE days of school! [that kinda sucks.]

Frankie has to pay the electricity bill in person because it's late, but the line is long. When one person mistakes her for a doctor because of her lab coat, she goes along with the ruse and gets special treatment from several others, including the girl at the window, who waives the late fees. [not impressed.] When Frankie gets to the office, one of the people who let her skip turns out to be a patient, so Frankie has to act like she's the dentist and the dentist is her assistant. When her boss questions what's going on, Frankie says the guy was stalking her, and the boss bans him from the office. [hahahahaha.]

Brick doesn't want to go to middle school because he'll be lonely and the water fountains are different, so he refuses to take the placement test for his "track." He's sent to the school psychologist, who makes him feel better as soon as he mentions that he'll be at the middle school two days a week. [cuts like this make me sad. my HS had two full-time guidance counselors and one who had other responsibilities as well, and I would've been very upset if I couldn't get in to see at least one whenever I needed something.] 

Mike and Axl go fishing, but after they get distracted by some volleyball players, the trailer becomes unattached and stuck in some sand. It takes them a while to get moving again, but Axl saves the day and Mike "never looks at another woman again." [hahaha, yeah, right.]
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