Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Tools: Wheelchair Power!

This is a pretty forgettable episode. And, by that, I mean I couldn't pick a highlight from memory... I had to read my notes just to find something interesting to talk about. And, well, all I came up with is the opening scene where Tony was trying to solicit customers in the hardware store... we all know that he would have kept doing that, despite Stitch's warning, so why didn't we see more of that? I found it way more interesting than Mason having a dark streak or Tony trying to get Ellis a new wheelchair/scooter. I found the two previous episodes lackluster as well, so I'm glad that the series has bit the dust and will be gone in less than a month.

Family Tools "Role Model" (S01E06): Ellis's wheelchair is rusting, and when Darren and Stitch don't care very much, Tony takes charge in getting his buddy some new transportation. He tries to strike a deal on a motorized wheelchair at a local shop, but the salesperson won't budge below $7999. [dang.]
ABC/Kelsey McNeal
So, the group decides to go with the simple model but modify it themselves. However, much like Tim Taylor, they give it too much power and Ellis shoots off all over town before stalling at Maplepalooza. [I found it hilarious that they changed the name to fit the times like "Maplestock."] 

Mason and his friends blow up a toilet at school, and Terry is blackmailed into sewing 100 bumblebees so that her son avoids a five-day suspension. Terry Skypes Mason's dad (an Army man), but he's more proud than disappointed. [I hate that attitude toward parenting!] Jack tries to mentor his nephew, but he winds up befriending some hoodlums in the park, not realizing they just want him to score them some alcohol. Then, Mason sneaks out of the house to go to the concert, but when he sees Ellis in trouble, he stops to help. [in one of those he's-a-good-kid-after-all moments.] Meanwhile, back at home, Terry is visited by an "inspection parent" who deems her six bumblebees flawed and makes her start over. Then, when he returns, they burn the progress and she refuses to make more, though the other parent just backstabs her and sews more bees himself. [what did this accomplish? Will Mason be suspended now?]
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