Thursday, June 13, 2013

Melissa & Joey: Jobs, Kissing, Drawing, Being Intimate

For some reason, my DVR didn't record the second episode last night. And, IMDB didn't even register that two aired, so I was a little confused for a minute there. Luckily, ABC Family has a pretty generous streaming policy, so all was well pretty quickly. I found both episodes to be pretty decent, though I preferred "Inside Job." Once again, I know that this isn't a drama, but I think that Joe interviewing for a position and getting his supervisor fired in the same episode rushes things just a bit. Also, I don't know if I'm just suspicious or what, but I totally expected Mel and Joe to have two recording devices on them when they tried to trap Wagner. Regarding "Can't Hardly Wait," maybe it's because I'm familiar with the bad girl roles Marla Sokoloff played as a teenager, but she was completely unbelievable as a 28-year-old virgin to me. And, both Mel and Joe's reactions to her character were disappointing. Finally, keeping Ryder confined to the house really allows him no storylines of his own, and he mainly acts within Lennox's, which are weak anyway. Too bad.

Melissa & Joey  "Inside Job" (S03E03): Joe wants a part-time job with the city, but Mel discourages him. Joe comes into the interview with some ideas for cost-cutting already, but it doesn't matter, he's hired just because Mel likes him. [you know, "it's all about trust."] He's given the finances for the past three years to figure out some inefficiencies, and he quickly finds a $1.2M discrepancy on the books. [pretty significant!] But, it doesn't bother anyone else that all the money is missing, and Joe is encouraged to keep quiet about it so he isn't blamed for another scandal. [boo.] Joe thinks that he and Mel should set up Wagner to confess, but the man quickly figures out that Mel is wearing a wire. Fortunately, they had a second recording device, so when Wagner confesses and threatens, it's on tape! [ha!] Of course, Joe looks bad anyway, as he was on-staff when the corruption was uncovered. [so... another failed career?]
Lennox starts rehearsals on a play, and she begins to have feelings for another actor after they share a kiss in a scene. This is easily solved, however, as the guy is gay and tells Zander about the issue, so he makes it up to Lennox. [boooooring!]

Melissa & Joey  "Can't Hardly Wait" (S03E04): Joe throws out his back (about to get lucky with a lady) and then hits on his chiropractor. [pig.] Mel encourages him to wait on being intimate with Chelsea, and he thinks it's a good idea... until he learns that Chelsea is a virgin, so he might be waiting a while. Chelsea comes by the house to meet Mel, who asks her how she lives without sex. [and she's SO AWKWARD about it!] Joe thinks about breaking up with her, but when he winds up putting out a fire, Chelsea decides that he's good enough to lose her virginity to. On the flip side, however, he worries that he's not in love with Chelsea and asks Mel to break up with her. [I was sad that we didn't get to see that scene!]

Zander wants to draw for one of Ryder's stories, so they create them Home Boy graphic novel together. [silly title.] Lennox gets jealous so she joins the team, but her suggestions annoy both of the guys and they conspire to get her off the team. [status quo, yeah.]
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