Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Middle: Frankie Freaks, Brick Bullied

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Middle
"Major Changes" (S03E04): Sue and Carly want to do a flash mob in the cafeteria. [I'm sad that this wasn't a major part of the episode, tho. I thought it was going to be pretty funny!] Axl has been breaking in a hat all summer. [oh high school... the smallest things are oh-so-important!] Frankie finds out via the newspaper that someone she went to high school with is going to be on Wheel of Fortune. She plans to watch the show, but gets home late. Then, she goes to eat some crumbs in a chip bag... turns out that Axl clipped his toenails in there! [this has got to be one of the MOST DISGUSTING things I've ever heard in my life!] Frankie ends up missing the final puzzle but hears that her old acquaintance won $1,000,000. Frankie then storms out, saying that a lot of changes need to happen. [In what is otherwise just a crazy episode, a hilarious joke then comes up... Mike points out that Frankie only has $12 in her purse so she can't get far... Axl corrects that to $10, Sue to $8, and Brick to $6.50. and, Mike doesn't yell at them for this... hahahahaha.] Sue thinks that maybe they aren't paying enough attention to their mother, but then they think that Frankie might need to change her diet or take some vitamins. [hahahahaha, this is ridiculous.] After three hours of driving around, Frankie goes to her mother's house. [which seems to be both "one hour away" and "a couple hours' drive" ... grrrr.] The next night, she calls Mike and says that she needs more time, so Mike leaves to go get her. All of the kids start poking at one another and what they do wrong. In the long run, as soon as Mike tells Frankie that she's 1,000 times prettier than the girl who won the million dollars, she comes back. [stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.......] The kids throw everything into the backyard to make the house look nice for Frankie. [bleh. dumb.]

The Middle "The Test" (S03E05): The PSATs are less than a week away, and Frankie is trying not to panic. That is, until she talks to the other moms and realizes that Axl needs much more preparation than he has time to do. ["The Best 376 Colleges" ??] Frankie pushes Axl to start looking at a practice book. She then tells him that if screws up the PSAT, he's done... trying to be harsh enough that it sinks in. Axl tells Frankie that he blew the test because of the stress. Frankie consoles him by saying that the real SAT is separate, but that just pisses him off.

Sue has decided to try-out for cheerleading, since it's a fresh start in high school. Sue is freaking out about the phone, since she'll get a call by six if she makes the squad. [Sue isn't sure which rooms in the house have phones??] Sue wavers back and forth between optimism and complete chaos while waiting for the call... which comes with mere seconds to go. Sue shows up for practice, and two of the girls tell her that there was an error and that she didn't really make the team and should step down.
Except, Sue stands up for herself and demands that she have a uniform, be in the yearbook photo, cheer in one game, and have 2+ cheerleaders attend her birthday party. [wow. what nice stakes!] They agree to everything except the birthday party. [hahahahahaha!!] We do see Sue cheer at one of Axl's games.

Mike and Frankie head to Brick's principal's office. Brick had been getting bullied for a while - being dumped into a trashcan upside-down and such. The kid got suspended, but Brick has no future woes about more bullying. As one might expect, Mike wants to help Brick learn to defend himself. Mike continually tries to make Brick stand up for something, but it's not really working. [at all.] Mike finally resorts to stealing a sandwich from Brick to try to toughen him up. Brick yells at him to leave him alone, and Mike is happy... for a few minutes.

Other fun facts from this episode? A recruiter from East Indiana State likes Axl's football skills. Sue has penpals in Toronto and Brazil, and it seems that Carly is her only real friend.
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