Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NEW SHOW: Monday Mornings

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I first heard about this show at TCA a month ago, and I was pretty excited about it. Longtime readers know that I've been yearning to fill the medical drama hole in my life that ER held for so long. Emily Owens, M.D. didn't do it for me (and ends tonight) and Miami Medical didn't last, and the other medical shows that have popped up in the nearly four years since ER left the air never even blipped on my radar. Well, after the pilot of this series, I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for, either, though it does have hope. It's a good sign (to me) when I have goosebumps less than three minutes into an episode, but all of those under-the-operating-sheets camera angles were weird. Plus, the music coming in and out with Dr. Wilson was creepy. If they were going for something specific, it went right over my head. Still, we're building drama, we've got doctors with tangled relationships, and there's a gimmick factor: peers reviewing one another when a patient dies. I think the series will be worth at least a few episodes!
Martin Schoeller
One thing with which I often struggle when watching newer shows is figuring out who's who. So, let me help you. The above photo, from left to right, is Dr. Napur, Dr. Tierney, Dr. Hooten, Dr. Ridgeway, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Villanueva, Dr. Robidaux, and Dr. Park. Now, onto the recap...

Monday Mornings "Pilot" (S01E01): A car accident patient is brought in, and the doctors presume it was an attempted suicide until Dr. Villanueva (who drinks and pays for call girls in his spare time) notices that the patient likely had an aneurysm. [some disturbing shots of the patient having brain surgery.] During the procedure, Dr. Ridgeway (who has relationship problems at home) expelled a rep from the OR, though they are now allowed in those rooms. [not gonna lie, I was pretty shocked to learn that!]

A loud-mouthed patient has been in the ER multiple times over the past few months, this time with bronchitis. Most doctors want to write her off with that, including Dr. Liberman. However, Dr. Napur believes it's something more, and it winds up being a pulmonary embolism. [why throw a failed engagement into the pilot? (Lieberman and Napur) I guess to show that not everyone works well together? geez!]

Dr. Hooten calls a Monday Morning meeting for all surgeons on staff over a patient of Dr. Martin's who died the week before. The patient was a runner who first came in on August 12th, returned December 19th with bone cancer, and died three weeks later, despite aggressive treatment. [dang! quick timeline!] Dr. Martin's nickname is "007" because of the correlation with "license to kill," and he will be suspended, though Dr. Villanueva believes that the penalty should be stricter because of the number of patients under Martin's care who have died. [hmmm.] 

Back to business, a middle-aged woman has uncontrollable shakes that only stop when she drinks wine. Dr. Park wants to poke around in the patient's brain while she's conscious, and after making a couple of false pokes, solves the problem. [I would have liked more explanation of what was going on here.] Plus, Dr. Hooten questions that Park jumped into surgery instead of trying all medications. [what was with all of Park's interns/residents being minorities? awkward. and I'm already over this speech thing.]

Also, a young soccer player had a head collision the day before and an MRI reveals a large, operable brain tumor that much be removed immediately. The seven-year-old boy has a cardiac problem during the procedure and winds up bleeding out. [interesting to see Dr. Hooten sit with the mother.] Dr. Wilson gives the bad news to the mother, but he soon cries too, as it seems he previously lost his own son. [I was a little surprised to hear that the surgeon showered before giving the news. I mean, I wouldn't want him bloody and discussing the scenario, but why wait longer than you have to?]

Another Monday Morning meeting is called over this, as Wilson did not take a thorough history (missing that the absent father has a bleeding disorder) or consult with a neurosurgeon (just a trauma surgeon). [wow. those are some big mistakes.] Dr. Hooten calls Wilson arrogant, but Wilson must perk up immediately to work on an internal decapitation. [holy cow!]
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