Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2 Broke Girls: The Girls Learn their Futures

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The opening gags would be SO.MUCH.BETTER if they carried into the episodes themselves! The idea that the girls steal from the diner to help the cupcakery is great and full of future jokes, but Caroline stuffing her shirt with eggs really had me in stitches. The whole psychic thing was kinda boring, though I wish we could have seen more of Sophie freaking out! The other plot was better, though I guess it means that CandyAndy really is gone, and that's kinda sad. I wasn't in love with him and Caroline as a couple but I thought he and Max had a great and humorous relationship. Much better that the smut between Oleg and Sophie, that's for sure! Do you think we've seen the last of Andy? Or will he reappear a few times like Max's Johnny? 

2 Broke Girls "And the Psychic Shakedown" (S02E15): Caroline wants to apply for a small business grant, but they need a letter of recommendation from another start-up. [cool idea.] She writes the letter and asks Max to get CandyAndy to sign it, but he has abandoned his shoppe. [those were some ODD jokes with Amir.] They have to ask Han to sign it, but he doesn't want to agree to the lies within the letter and writes his own. Of course, now Caroline doesn't like what is included, namely, how she doesn't make time for anything or anyone else in her life.

Upset, Caroline turns to a psychic for $10 of knowledge about her future, only to discover that she'll "never find the love of her life." [how depressing!] She drops another $40 on a crystal to keep away evil, then complains to Max. Max makes Caroline return to the psychic, who doesn't remember her. [OF COURSE!]
Cliff Lipson/CBS
The woman puts curses on the girls but says it'll cost $50 to stop their lives from crashing down around them. Max is not as worried as Caroline, but Sophie won't go near them. But, after some glass crashes, the girls pay the money to life the "curses." They also get some more fortunes, and though Caroline may die alone but with success, Max will have lots of money, great love, and children. Both are worried, but when the mailbox Caroline dropped the application in has been decommissioned and removed, they realize that the psychic may not be correct 100% of the time. [just because this ONE grant doesn't come through means she won't be successful??!?] 

Cupcakery Total: $4,800.00. 
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