Friday, February 21, 2014

Midseason Check-In: What Will Happen to the Rookies?

[original comments from 2/21/14; final update: 5/10/14]

Shows have come and gone, both for me and for everyone. Many mid-season replacements are moving along now, and others are coming back from Olympics hiatus, so let's take a short look at how the new network programs have done based on what has premiered so far...
What I Planned to Watch:
The Goldbergs (ABC): 15 episodes in, 7 more to go in the first season. I'm willing to bet it'll get renewed, which is great, because I enjoy it. RENEWED!
Lucky 7 (ABC): CANCELLED after 2 episodes.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC): Full season ordered, but I quit after 3 episodes. It'll likely be renewed. RENEWED!
Intelligence (CBS): 7 of 13 in, and I gave up after the pilot. Numbers are decent, but there are other factors in play for a second season. CANCELLED!
The Crazy Ones (CBS): 15 episodes have aired so far, and it may or may not be renewed, but I quit after 5 episodes. CANCELLED!
We Are Men (CBS): CANCELLED after 2 episodes.
Star-Crossed (CW): only one episode in, so it's too early to really tell. CANCELLED!
Dads (FOX): its season of 18 episodes has finished airing, and many believe it will be cancelled. I quit after 6. CANCELLED!
The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC): CANCELLED after 15 episodes; I quit after 8.
Sean Saves the World (NBC): CANCELLED after 13 episodes; I quit after 5.
Welcome to the Family (NBC): CANCELLED after 3 episodes, though a few more are available on Hulu.

The Others:
Back in the Game (ABC): CANCELLED after 10 episodes. 
Super Fun Night (ABC): It will only run 17 episodes, and it's not looking good for renewal. CANCELLED!
Trophy Wife (ABC). It will have a full season, and has 8 episodes to go, This one actually won me over, but nobody else, and it's not likely to be renewed. CANCELLED!
Betrayal (ABC): It has finished its 13-episode season, and I'll bet it's canceled. CANCELLED!
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC): You CAN have too much of a good thing, and this is an example. 8 episodes have aired so far, and probably only 5 more will. CANCELLED!
Mom (CBS): 16 episodes so far, 8 to go, and it looks like renewal is a distinct possibility. RENEWED!
The Millers (CBS): 10 episodes aired so far, and more should come this year and next. RENEWED!
Hostages (CBS): It ran 15 episodes and is not likely to get any more. CANCELLED!
The Originals (CW): RENEWED!
Reign (CW): RENEWED!
The Tomorrow People (CW): 13 down, 9 to go, and although this one could go either way, I'm betting against it. CANCELLED!
Almost Human (FOX): 6 episodes aired so far, and the horizon is bleak. CANCELLED!
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX): 16 down, 6 to go, it's doing well, but could do better. RENEWED!
Enlisted (FOX): 5 out of 13 episodes have aired, and the ratings are just abysmal. CANCELLED!
Murder Police (FOX): CANCELLED without airing.  
Rake (FOX): 5 out of 13 have aired, and the audience is steadily declining. CANCELLED!
Sleepy Hollow (FOX): RENEWED!
The Blacklist (NBC): RENEWED!
Chicago P.D. (NBC): 5 out of 15 episodes have aired, and it's a toss-up at the moment. RENEWED!
Dracula (NBC): It got its 10 episodes, and although it's not looking great, a renewal is not impossible. CANCELLED!
Ironside (NBC): CANCELLED after 3 episodes.

What are your predictions at this point in the season?
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